How to Overcome Sleepiness While at the Office

There are actually a lot of things that can make you sleepy at work. This could be because you feel tired of work and a lot of it-that’s it, or because you run out staying out all night. But whatever the cause, sleepy in the Office is indeed a problem, especially if you are currently a lot of work and they want the deadline.

How to Overcome Sleepiness While at the Office 1

Well for you, who are often sleepy at office hours, here there are tips you should try to overcome sleepiness while at the Office.

1. Air-caffeine Drinks

Not be denied if the beverage air-caffeine like coffee or tea is always made solutions while someone is sleepy. This happens because it has been long believed caffeine can eliminate the drowsiness and fatigue.

Well make you feel sleepy at the Office and have a lot of work; you can try sipping coffee or hot tea while working. In addition to drowsiness are gone, the aroma of coffee is able to make you more excited again.

2. Don’t overdo Eating Carbohydrates

Foods that contain carbohydrates such as rice are indeed a source of energy that is needed by the body. But it’s best to consume carbohydrates should not be excessive because this can cause sleepiness.

This is because carbohydrates contain sugar which makes the stomach hungry fast. Hunger in the stomach this is what makes the body becomes quickly sleepy. So at lunch, you should reduce your consumption of carbohydrates, but make eating vegetables and fruits in order for the body to be fresher.

3. Avoid staring at a computer screen for hours without a break

In addition to not good for eye health, staring at a computer screen in time joined the Helens-can also cause a sense of drowsiness. Therefore we recommend that you take a few minutes to stop staring at the computer screen.

You can use the time to walk to the pantry to grab a drink or a chat with colleagues next to you, but make sure first labor peers are not busy.

4. Stretch your body

Drowsiness may also be caused by too long sits in front of a computer screen. In order for the body and mind become fresh again, you can stretch the body for a few minutes. Simple movements such as lifting your hands and straighten your legs can help you to get rid of drowsiness in the Office.

5. Sun exposure

The work room is rather dark and cold because the air conditioner will make you feel sleepy. And the fact is that those who are exposed to the sun are rarely sleepy.

Therefore, if you often feel sleepy while at the Office, you can ask to be transferred to the table near the window. If the situation does not allow, you can go to the home or out of the Office for a bit to feel the warmth of the sunlight when drowsiness began to invade.

6. Listen to your favorite music

Music is indeed proven to be able to affect a person’s mood or a mood. So no wonder if someone who is grieving would be well advised to listen to the music so he can be cheerful upbeat.

So does a sense of drowsiness, when you feel bored and sleepy at work, listen to your favorite music could be one easy way to do it. Choose music that excited so that you can come back refreshed and concentration in the work.

7. Sleeping in the Office

If indeed the drowsiness that you feel already can no longer put on hold, you can sleep in the Office. However, it does not mean you can sleep fit working hours. You can take advantage of hours of rest are there to sleep for a moment. For example, if your rest period of about 30 minutes, you can use the 15 minutes to sleep.

Even though it looks really short, sleeping 15 minutes is very effective to make you refreshed. But remember, don’t forget to set up an alarm or ask a friend for help to wake you up so that the ritual of napping doesn’t go too far until the office hours go home.

We suggest that you also do not sleep overnight so that you can work at a time when more concentration and to avoid drowsiness. But if drowsiness often occurs even though you have to bed early, you need to consult a doctor. Excessive drowsiness and happening constantly can be a telltale sign of the disease, one of them is diabetes.