How to Overcome Migraine Naturally the Most Effective

Headaches can come anytime in between our activities, whether heavy or light activity. One type of headache that makes very uncomfortable is migraine.


Migraine or headache commonly called next to is a headache that feels just on the side of the head, Migraines are often accompanied by nausea and vomiting so it makes the sufferer difficult continuing activities.

If you experience a migraine, before deciding to take medication you can do the most effective way to deal with migraine naturally following:

1. Massage

How to overcome the next migraine is by massaging the area’s eyebrow with eucalyptus oil or oil rub. Warm aroma and flavor of eucalyptus oil and oil rub will make the body comfortably and reduce the pain of migraines.

2. Drinking coffee

How to cope with migraines the first is with coffee. Caffeine content in coffee is beneficial to reduce the pain of migraine, But don’t be too excessive coffee consumption in order to not experience dependency against coffee.

3. Eat food rich in Magnesium

Eating sunflower seeds and nuts rich in magnesium can also cope with migraines because magnesium is proven to help the nerves and muscles become relaxed and prevent problems in the nerves.

4. Rest in a dark room

How to overcome the next migraine was, resting in a dark room. Resting in a dark room can cope with migraine pain. Because if the rest of the room light and glare will add to the pain of a migraine.

5. Drink Warm ginger tea

By consuming the warm ginger tea will help launch the blood circulation of the body, so that it can cope with migraines. Content of anti-inflammatory substances on Ginger is also beneficial to cope with migraines.

6. Compress the head with ice

Compresses an unused head with ice can cope with migraines. Use ice packs in plastic bags and then wraps with a small towel. Compress the head while resting in a dark room so that migraine can be addressed more effectively.

7. Drink water White

How to cope with Migraines the last is by consuming the water white, because migraine can occur when the body’s water shortage. Much white water consumption can cope with migraine and the body becomes fresh and fit.

That’s how to cope with migraines are naturally the most powerful you can practice. If you are affected by migraines, do not forget to do the means of overcoming the above migraine first before buying medication migraine.