How to Overcome Insomnia: Recognize the Causes, Types, and How to Overcome It

The clock is already showing past midnight and you still don’t feel drowsy or can’t sleep at all? It could be that you are being affected by Insomnia or disorders. Insomnia disorder certainly very disturbing activity and is not good for health. Then, what exactly is the cause of Insomnia and also how to overcome Insomnia?

How to Overcome Insomnia: Recognize the Causes, Types, and How to Overcome It 1

Insomnia is a disorder in sleep patterns in the form of difficulty sleeping. Usually the Insomnia was followed also with functional disorder after waking up. The following are common symptoms that are usually owned by someone who has the disorder Insomnia:

1. Difficulty to sleep (awake at night).
2. All day long feel tired.
3. Difficult to focus and concentrate.
4. In certain cases the sufferers may have a feeling of anxious, tense, worried, or anxiety towards the past or future.

Based on the level of severity of the disorder, Insomnia can be classified into three tiers. The following are the types of Insomnia based on level of severity:

1. Habitual Insomnia

Sometimes, the difficulty can also be caused by sleep habits and sleep routines as well. If the sufferer is already accustomed to sleeping in the morning, this could result in the sufferer’s trouble sleeping outside of the hours of sleep.

2. Ordinary Insomnia

Insomnia disorders such as these are usually not too severe where the sufferer takes more to be able to fall asleep. This stage also insomniacs usually wake up and are difficult to fall asleep again.

3. Idiopathic Insomnia

Sometimes insomnia could be caused by a medical condition that needs further medical handling. Types of severe Insomnia that has not detected the cause is commonly referred to as idiopathic Insomnia. This type of insomnia can be caused by natural factors that may not be detected.

4. Acute Insomnia (short-term insomnia)

This type of insomnia is usually caused by stress or depression resulting in difficulties for sufferers is halved.

The causes, why someone can be affected by interference of Insomnia include:

1. Feelings of anxiety, excessive
2. Stress
3. Depression
4. Medical conditions
5. The dependency with sleeping pills
6. Psychological issues

How to cope with insomnia includes:

1. Refreshing! Eliminate Stress

One easy way to eliminate Insomnia is to quiet the mind. So, take your time to go on holiday. Eliminate the sense of tiredness and stress because these are causes of Insomnia that many experienced people. In addition to going on a vacation, you can also soothe your mind through activities such as Yoga or meditation.

2. Reduce Alcohol and caffeine

Drinking excess alcohol and caffeine is one of the causes of insomnia. So, if you are a fan of alcoholic drinks and coffee, reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption can make it easier for you to fall asleep. If you really need to consume both of these drinks, try to consume them at least 6 hours before bedtime.

3. White water and milk

Instead of consuming alcohol and caffeine which will actually aggravate insomnia, it’s better to replace your bedtime drink with water or milk. Drinking enough water and drinking warm milk before going to bed will help make the body more relaxed and easy to sleep.

4. The consumption of Chocolate

Still, talking about food, sweet foods like chocolate can actually function as natural tranquilizers. Eat a little chocolate as a snack to make your mind calmer and avoid insomnia.

5. The intake of Nutrients

Insomnia is also closely related to your physical health. The way to deal with insomnia that you can try is to start consuming healthy, nutritious foods. Avoid excessive fast food and foods that contain lots of flavoring especially preservatives.

6. Reset your area

The atmosphere of the room conducive can also help make sleep more slumbering. Rearrange furniture and make sure everything was neat. Use colors that are soft and not too bright. You can also add or change sleep lights the bed becomes a more comfortable bed. Put the aroma therapy also make the air in the room so the more conducive. The bottom line, create the atmosphere of the room as comfortable as possible–to improve the quality.

7. Sports

A research shows that people who exercise tend to have active sleep more soundly than people who rarely exercise. Look for light sport activities that you can make the routine. Not just help overcome Insomnia; it is also good for your welfare as a whole.

8. A warm bath

According to research, hot steam produced by water can relax the muscles and nerves in the body. This will automatically make the body more relaxed and sleep more soundly.

9. Avoid Eating before bed

Do you like to eat before going to bed? Watch out, this can not only make you fat but also can cause you to have trouble sleeping. When the body receives food intake, your digestive system becomes more active. So, avoid eating food at least one hour before your bedtime.

10. Fix the sleep routine

If you’ve managed to slowly reduce the symptoms of Insomnia, sleep routines and amend by reducing stayed up late, and also the excessive naps. With this thing, you get used to prevent Insomnia to return again.

Not too hard not to practice ways to overcome Insomnia? After recognizing the disorder Insomnia, you should also avoid things that might cause Insomnia. If this is disorder Insomnia is still dragged on, immediately contact your doctor for further handling.