How to Overcome and Eliminate Menstrual Pain Naturally

Any women who have teenager will undergo naturally occurring conditions, namely menstruation. Menstruation is a phase change characteristics of the body at regular intervals caused by reproductive hormones in a woman’s body. Menstruation is characterized by discharge of blood sourced from the ovum is not fertilized in the wall of the uterus.

Menstrual Pain

Not just one or two times, menstruation occurs happens in women from teens until finally entering menopause phase, in which the uterus is no longer reproducing the ovum. Menstrual cycle lasts 28 days and duration of menstruation is also different in each person. Generally, menstruation lasts 5-7 days.

When menstruation, in general a woman will feel the symptoms of menstrual pain and stomach cramps. Pain varies in every woman. But do not worry; here is a natural way to deal with unbearable menstrual pain:

1. Compress with Hot Water

Warm temperatures help relieve the contraction of the muscles in the uterus, the main cause of menstrual pain. Wipe the fabric with high water absorption using hot water and compress the parts of menstrual pain that you feel like at the waist and back hips.

2. Taking Chamomile Tea

A scientific study at the Imperial College of London discovered the fact that tea leaves have the benefits to reduce and eliminate the pain of menstruation, especially chamomile tea. Tea contains nutrients anti inflammatory prostaglandin levels cause diffuse muscle contraction of the abdomen which became the root of menstrual pain.

3. Exercising

At the time of menstrual pain attack, it is very difficult to move the body. But the study found that performing mild physical activity such as lifting small dumbbells or simply walking at home can pump blood flow that releases endorphin hormones to reduce prostaglandin levels that lead to the relief of menstrual soreness.

4. Methods of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a method of natural treatment from China. Acupuncture using needles that are plugged into the specific points on the skin of humans. The researchers found that acupuncture technique has positive effects for the relief of pain while the coming months.

5. Drink Lots of Water

White water is a powerful menstrual pain medication easily we get anywhere. Drink plain water at least 6 to 8 glasses every day, especially when going through a phase of menstruation. Keep the body remain hydrated will avoid from suffering pain when menstruation.

That’s how to troubleshoot and eliminate menstrual pain naturally. By following these steps, you can be calmer when menstruation and can escape from the agonizing pain. In addition to the natural way, you can also utilize a variety of menstrual pain relief product that you can purchase at pharmacies.