How to Make the Best Bokeh Photos with Camera Smartphone

The current results of photography using a Smartphone like a professional using a camera with a sharp focus on the area of coverage of a particular object and blur the background section in the middle of rose leaves. A term often used by photographers for the results of the photo is a photo or photo bokeh with depth-of-field.

Bokeh Photo

For those of you unfamiliar, surely you wonder, how could a photo bokeh cool without the lens and the camera is adequate? The sophistication of the technology and camera lens optimization on smart phones has brought mankind at the time of the Smartphone photography. This allows the user of a mobile device capture the moment using camera phones with intelligent results which should not be underrated quality.

Although the results of bokeh photos from Smartphone are not as sophisticated and smooth as professional cameras, you can maximize the best bokeh photos using mobile phones to the same level as the quality of DSLR camera shots plus wide aperture lenses. Are you curious about how? Check how to make bokeh photos with the following Smartphone cameras:

1. Activate the Portrait Mode

Smartphone mobile phone with more than one camera is currently popular in the market. The smart phone has two cameras or dual camera supports portrait mode to capture the best bokeh photo with more practical. Open the view finder and select portrait mode to activate it.

2. Understand the distance Precision

The right distance range will affect the quality of the bokeh photo camera Smartphone. In General, to get the best bokeh photo advised object is approximately 50 centimeters to 2 meters. Effect of the depth of the resulting space will also be different.

Smartphone with high specifications such as Samsung Galaxy Note 8 X and the iPhone is capable of capturing objects and generate the bokeh from distances beyond 2 m with perfect results.

3. Make sure the focus is locked

If you want the best bokeh photo, make sure the camera focuses on the undisturbed object. Lock objects correctly and avoid shocks because if the focus of the camera is less precise, the background results will not look neat. In addition, if your cell phone only supports the bokeh effect with the help of software, some parts of the object will also blur.

4. Avoid Transparent Objects

Although the results of the photo bokeh using a smartphone are getting better and resemble a professional camera, there are a few errors of detail which was very annoying. The most common is transparent objects such as glasses that are not focused perfectly, so that the effect of the blur as manipulated using digital applications and untidy.

To note, avoid photographing objects transparently without the background behind the object which is located near to perfect results.

5. Select the appropriate Background

Look for the right background like a neon light that looks beautiful when blurred. If the background is just black and white or gray, it’s useless for the ability of bokeh photos from your Smartphone.

6. Understand the concept of Framing

Put the object in the middle of a mobile phone can generate photo bokeh instant photo bokeh, but the results will be mediocre. Use a line of helpers or the grid so that you may know how to take the pictures into one neat symmetrical frame.

That’s how to create bokeh photos easily using a Smartphone. We wish you so much eager to get creative with the camera Smartphone you have.