How to Get Rid Of Head Lice Naturally

Head lice or also known as Pediculus Humanus Capitis is a parasite that survives with the way suck human blood and usually resides on a human head hair.

Head Lice

Have you ever visited curse hair? If you experience this, this is very important and the itching is not the main thing and makes the sufferer become inferior. However, don’t be afraid because this is a solution. Check out the following ways to get rid of head lice:

The life cycle of head lice that starts when female lice lay eggs. The resulting egg can last for 5-7 days. The shape is very small like white sesame seeds and sticks firmly to each strand of hair.

Usually eggs will hatch on the 8th day, and already the hatch larvae grow into adults and begin to lay eggs on day 12. After 30 days, the tick will usually die. But it was during his lifetime, lice can lay eggs up to 130-189 eggs.

If you feel the characteristics mentioned below, there could be fleas nesting in your hair. Haircut features include:

1. Feel there is something moving in the scalp
2. The presence of excess itching on the head
3. Visible white spots attached to the strands of hair
4. The presence of a red rash that appears on the back of the neck

The Cause of the Appearance of Hair Lice

Maybe you will wonder what exactly causes the appearance of hair lice. Why can there be lice resting on your head? But it has often been shampooing. Now therefore know the cause:

1. Borrow items used around the head on an infected person head lice hair
2. Exposed or direct contact with sufferers of hair lice hair
3. Long Mattress not worn, or other fabric such as towels and clothing

If you feel infected with head lice, don’t leave it too long because the growth of fleas is very fast and can spread everywhere. In addition to disturbing the health and comfort of the scalp, head lice are prone to transmitting to people who come in direct contact with you. If you don’t want this to happen, immediately expel head lice by doing the following:

1. Almond oil

If you want to try natural ingredients to eradicate head lice hair can try almond oil as a solution. In addition to skin care, almond oil also could be a potent ingredient to repel fleas.

The way is, always brush the almond oil before going to bed on the scalp and hair, and then wraps the hair with a shower cap, let sit overnight, next comb your hair first, then clean with shampooing use shampoo.

2. Sugar-Apple Fruit Seeds

Have you ever heard of the sugar-Apple fruit seed if it can be used to repel flea’s hair? This material is no less potent drug with fleas. The oil content of fatty acids in the seeds of the fruit sugar-Apple can kill head lice with the eggs.

The way to use it is, mash the srikaya seeds until the oil comes out, then smear the oil on the scalp and hair, wrap the hair with a towel, leave it overnight. The next day you will see dead fleas piling up on your towel.

3. Use a fine comb

A fine comb is a special comb used to eradicate head lice. It’s like a comb in general, but what’s different is that the teeth on the cords are more tightly closed, which is what can help to eradicate the lice on the hair.

Tips before using this comb, which is to wet the hair first by using coconut oil so that the egg and the nail can easily stick to the comb.

4. Aloe Vera

From antiquity, Aloe Vera is indeed often used as a basis for a functioning hair beauty care clean and makes the hair into lustrous black. However, in addition there are other benefits that are apparently as head lice repellent hair.

How to use it is quite easy, take Aloe Vera meat and blend it with a blender, then wipe the mucus on the hair and scalp evenly while massaging, then cover the hair with a towel, comb the hair, then wash your hair using shampoo.

That’s some effective ways to get rid of hair lice that you can try at home. By following the ways described above, in addition to hair free of ticks, hair also become more healthy and beautiful.