How to Get Business Capital without Borrowing Money from the Bank

Have personal business that is able to have results in the long run is the hope of all new businesses. Even many young people aspire to be a music entrepreneur and became the boss in place are you doing it yourself, instead of working in an Office.

Business Capital

Unfortunately the dream of having a business is often lost because there is no capital to make it happen. Indeed opened a business certainly does with a little money, so you need venture capital. But no need to worry, there are many ways to get capital to realize a dream business and yourselves without filing a loan to the bank. Various ways of getting venture capital without borrowing money to the bank, among others:

1. Come to the Seminar to get Investors

If you need capital to businesses in large numbers, the investor is the solution. As long as it already has a business concept in detail and have promising prospects, investors would be interested in becoming supporter got money.

To get it, you can come to the seminar was held by several companies and institutions engaged in the industry. At the seminar, not only met with great speakers and experienced, but you can also meet with the entrepreneur who could be potential investors the business of yours to fund venture capital.

2. Pawn your things

Do you not have venture capital at all? Maybe you think of selling some of your items, but it feels very heavy or not willing to sell valuables or beloved items. The solution is to pawn the item first. In the mortgage agency, you just have to temporarily leave the items that you have, and then can be redeemed after the loan provided by the institution is paid off.

Do not worry about the security of goods that will be pawned because the mortgages of goods are safe and the interest is relatively small compared to loans from banks. You can also extend the time if in due time it still doesn’t have the money to redeem it.

3. Save and use money saving

One way to get business capital for your business is to use your personal money in savings. Try saving with the salary that you have earned each month. If you get business capital from your own savings, the risk that will be borne is not as big as if you borrow from someone else or the bank because you are not charged fees or interest on loans.

4. Visit and use the site Crowd funding

Enough with internet and laptop you can get business capital, the way is by crowd funding. Crowd funding is a way to offer your type of business through a site, then visitors who are interested will donate their money to your business capital through the site, this is similar to sponsorship work. Then you will give back to the sponsors with the things that have been promised and explain on the site.

5. Take advantage of the online loan

Borrow money to friends and siblings may be so choice, but sometimes the people closest to you may have its own financial needs. Ask the loan money online to financial institutions other than Banks could be a solution to borrow money to venture capital.

6. Sell Unused Items

For business capital, you can sell several valuable items that are no longer used. Open your closet; look for valuables such as gadgets, watches, shoes and designer bags at high prices, cameras and other items. These items can be sold if you need fast funds and these items are not for sale because you have not used them again.

Hold a garage sale and sell home furnishings that are unused as tables, chairs, or clothes at cheap prices. You will get additional capital to yourselves.

7. Make the Effort with friends

If you have friends who want to build a business in the same field, make an effort with your friend is a great idea to save the cost of capital.

By joining with friends, the cost of business capital is lighter and you can make a business with your friends. If there are problems can also be solved together, what are needed are communication and good relations. Choose a trusted and reliable friend to become your business partner.

With good planning, you can certainly build a business without borrowing money to the bank and attract many people to lend the funds for you.