How to Find Out and Smoothen the Menstrual Cycle

All women are obliged through the menstrual phase. Menstruation also indicates that a woman has reached adolescence where he will soon mature to reproduce. Menstrual cycle will continue to repeat until the woman reaches the moment a womb would no longer produce eggs.

Menstrual Cycle

For those of you who still confusion associated schedule of menstrual cycle, here’s how to find out the menstrual cycle and how smooth an irregular menstrual cycle.

Menstrual cycles from the first day experience regular bleeding. A day when you only have bloodstains counted. Menstrual cycles can change.

Currently there are various websites that provide counters the menstrual cycle. Simply enter the first day of the last menstrual cycle, menstrual period, and the length of time of the cycle. These features will automatically predict when you will experience a menstrual period in the coming months.

To facilitate the circulation of menstruation can be done by means of:

1. Increase weight loss

Unlike the female obesity, women who are underweight are not sufficient amount of estrogen in the body in order to ovulate. If the body was too skinny and fat levels due to deficiencies have a habit of extreme sports, women tend to experience a delay in menstrual cycle.

2. Lose weight

One of the causes of menstrual cycle does not smoothly are excess weight or obesity. Fat cells called adiposities have, producing estrogen so that women’s obesity has estrogen levels are too high which prevents ovulation. How to induce menstruation circulation is losing weight.

3. Eating low-glucose

High levels of glucose in the blood to cause menstrual cycle do not smoothly. In order to smoothen the menstrual cycle, the consumption of nutritious foods especially foods low glucose and blood sugar levels the neutralizer like fruits and green vegetable.

4. Stress

The burden of mind can lead the body stop the menstrual cycle. The brain generates hormones cortisol and adrenaline when someone is stressed, hormones prevent the reproduction to be released in a timely manner in accordance with the menstrual cycle. Reduce the burden of thought is how to facilitate the circulation of best menstruation.

5. Meet the daily nutritional needs

Unhealthy consumption patterns is the cause of menstruation is hampered. Smoothen the menstrual cycle can be done by fulfilling the needs of daily nutrition by eating healthy foods such as four five perfect healthy menu.

Passing through the menstrual cycle is a necessity for every woman although sometimes somewhat inconvenient, but the menstrual cycle smoothly indicates a healthy body and soul.