How to Eat a Lot but the Body Stay Slim

One of the things that most women are dreaming about being able to eat a lot but the body stay slim. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the delicious food but the body stay slim? Moreover, this is now a great many diverse culinary make the hungry eye at once hungry stomach.

How to Eat a Lot but the Body Stay Slim 1

Sometimes we think twice about tasting food for fear of weight gain or body fat. As a result eating becomes uneasy because of the disturbing thoughts. In order to dream of having a slim body while eating a lot can be realized, you can do the following tips:

1. Don’t skip breakfast

The next way that you can do if you want to stay slim despite eating body continue to is do not skip breakfast. Many think by skipping breakfast will reduce your calorie intake and is one way to keep the weight of our body, but it’s a great one.

Thus with skip breakfast, this will make us bigger appetite and slow down the body’s metabolism to produce energy. To that end, better breakfast as usual with the healthier menus, such as sandwiches, cereal grain or fruit.

2. Eat as often as possible but with small portions

This is one way that can be done to control the appetite. Eat as often as possible i.e. as much as 5-6 times a day but in small portions. According to the study, the more often we eat, the more calories are used for digestion.

3. Avoid fried foods

It would be nice if the food you choose are made using steamed, boiled, baked, or burned. Excessive oil content in fried foods are not good for our body, for fried foods such as one of the causes of fat accumulate.

If you’re like to eat fried foods, maybe you can first filter the oil until nothing is left of the oil filter or using a special tissue able to absorb the oil.

4. Always drink green tea

Surely though as much as any we eat so we should keep fat burning results than we consume, if our bodies want to stay slim. Fat burning is usually done by means of physical exercise.

But, for you that cannot be routinely exercising, you can burn fat by avidly consume green tea. Green tea contain Epilgallocatechin Gallate (ECGC) is capable to aid fat burning in the body. In fact, according to the study, taking 2-4 cups of green tea per day can burn 50 calories in the body.

5. Schedule a time snacking

You can still snack at will, provided you schedule your snack time. By making a snack schedule, this can help you to prevent overeating, especially during heavy meals. For that, schedule your snacking time between heavy meal times which will help you reduce heavy food intake, so that your body weight is more awake.

If you want to weight more awake then it doesn’t hurt you tried healthy snacks snacking is good is consumed for you who want to have a slim body.

One of them is by consuming Almonds Roasted. No wonder if many dieters who choose almonds as snacks healthy diet them. In addition to the savory taste and crunchy, almonds also contain antioxidants that can ward off free radicals.

Now, for those of you who are fond of eating but still want to have a thin body then you can apply the tips above. As a result, your body weight is awake, your stomach is full, you are happy too.