How to Easily Overcome Dull Face Naturally With Fruits

Pallid face would be very disruptive appearance so that you become less confident in the activity. Actually it’s easy to overcome; you can use the face care products or ingredients that are natural. One of the natural ingredients that you can take advantage of to address face dull is the fruits.


Fruits contain vitamins and nutrients that are very beneficial to cope with a dull face naturally, however not all fruits have properties like that. The following fruits that you can take advantage of to make the face become brighter, among others:

1. Banana

In addition to the flavor that is delicious and creamy texture, the banana turns out to have benefits to overcome dull face. Vitamin A, E and B in bananas can make the skin become more toned and fresh.

2. Papaya

Papaya is a fruit that contain antioxidants and enzymes papain. Enzymes in papaya proved able to lift the dead skin cells, making the skin become brighter and softer. Use papaya for each mask once a week on a regular basis.

3. Apple

Apple has a high content of antioxidants that are beneficial to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging, including the pallid face. Mix the apples with honey to make a facial mask, and use regularly every day.

4. Lemon

Besides being beneficial to brighten the skin, lemon also helps to eliminate acne scars and lifting the excess oil on the face. Use a mask with a mixture of lemon and honey to overcome dull face.

5. Lemon

One type of grapefruit has the most vitamin C is high among other types of citrus fruit. Vitamin C in lemons is useful to overcome dull face and overcome the stubborn acne.

6. Yam bean

Many face care products use jicama as its main ingredient. Yam bean contains vitamin B and C is high for skin health. The content in it can raise the dead skin cells, so that the face is fresh and not dull.

7. Strawberry

Strawberry fruit not only delicious to consume, but also has benefits to overcome dull face and can also be used to whiten teeth. Use this fruit mixed with yogurt and honey. After that, make the materials of the land to be used as a facial mask.

Well that he how to fix dull face with natural materials, do not forget to always take care of your face with fruit on top. So the results are more perfect, use also face care products that you can find in the store cosmetics.