How to Cure Colds and Flu Naturally and Practical

Colds and flu are often really strike many people especially in winter and rain. The disease can be transmitted by air, direct contact or through intermediaries such as public facilities.

Colds and Flu

Colds and flu are caused by different viruses with symptoms such as sneezing; coughing, runny nose, fever, and headache are certainly unpleasant. But, rather than drinking too much medication, there are some easy ways to cure colds and cough naturally and effectively:

1. Eating soup or chicken broth

By the time you hit by colds and flu no doubt tongue tasted bland so usually no appetite and body become weaker. So that your body is more powerful and fresh, you can try to eat soup or chicken bone broth soup. This chicken soup has become a really important food consumed when colds for the people of China, Korea and Japan.

The resulting broth from chicken meat and bones could help address the inflammation and improve the work of white blood cells against infection so that it can increase the body’s immunity.

In order to better fit and increase your appetite, you can mix the soup with the vegetables full of vitamins such as leeks, carrots, or potatoes. Guaranteed you will feel much better and heal faster by eating soup or chicken broth.

2. Often drink milk

Many people say not to drink milk when cold as it causes more mucus and congestion. But, it turns out that the milk could be a really good drink to boost the immune system.

Milk contains vitamin D which is essential in the fight against infection. But, it is better to avoid this type of milk containing a lot of fat because it is not good for the body if consumed frequently, especially to diet. Select low pure cow’s milk for health because it can cure some virus and neutralize the toxins in our body.

3. Use the Aroma of Menthol or Mint

Often inhale the aroma of menthol or mint turns out to be potent to relieve disease, colds, flu and other respiratory disorders. You can inhale the scent of mint is already in the washing NET or hot water boiled with mint leaves.

In addition, you can also apply the aroma of eucalyptus oil under the nose, the throat, back and chest to feel warm and nasal congestion can quickly disappear or subside.

4. Drink decoction of Ginseng

You already know yet if ginseng is also very effective to help the body fight the virus causes colds? To cure colds and flu with ginseng, ginseng herb consumes you live or tea containing ginseng.

This ginseng is a root of Chinese traditional material which is believed to be able to fight infection and immune enhancing the natural way. Ginseng not only can put in drinks, you can also mix it with food such as soup or porridge could be more delicious and warm up to the stomach.

5. Clean the Nose with salt water

Clean your nose with salt water can also help your body fight infection and dust and no doubt very important for people who are exposed to the cold. The water that is already mixed with effective salt helps pull out the liquid from inside the nose or throat.

Even salt water can help overcome infections that can cause colds so good and safe also do even when you’re not cold. Initially it was not convenient to the nose, but this way is very effective for cleaning and makes colds and flu heal faster.

6. Sleeping with a high Pillow

While a cold nose and throat you definitely feel uncomfortable like clogged. To overcome this better you sleep by using high pillow. The position of the pillow height can help drain the fluid from the nose so that breathing more smoothly. Fluid or mucus out of the nose will help resolve the infection more quickly.
Don’t forget to use high pillows and make sure all the fabric and quilt on the bed also clean so that the dust and germs attached does not enter into the body and nose while sleeping.

Colds and flu are indeed classified as minor illnesses and can even heal by it, but if left alone can disrupt our daily activities because of the discomfort and congestion. But, by following some way above, you can quickly recover and be free of colds and flu naturally and chemical free.