How to Clean the Laptop Outside and Inside

The cleanliness of the laptop should always note, because a lot of the damage that arises if the neglect hygiene laptop and led to the disruption of the convenience of laptop usage. Here are some easy ways to clean a laptop:

clean the laptop

1. Turn off the laptop and disconnect the battery as well as laptop adapter

Before you start cleaning the laptop, make sure the laptop is in a State of death and do not forget to unplug the adapter Laptop Battery and Laptop. If cleaned in a State of burning can cause damage that is permanent.

2. Clean you’re Laptop Screen

To clean the laptop can be started by cleaning the screen of the laptop. When cleaning the screen of the laptop you should use cloth made from smooth because laptops have screens LCD/LED’S that are very sensitive to scratches.

You can use a microfiber cloth to clean the laptop screen because the microfiber cloth is so smooth that it doesn’t make the laptop screen scratched. How to clean it is very easy. Gently wipe the screen in a circular motion. For maximum results, you can use a special cleaning screen. Do not put excessive pressure on the screen because it can damage the laptop screen.

3. Clean the Keyboard Laptop

The next step that is cleans the Keyboard Laptop. The old Laptop keyboard not cleaned will save a lot of dust, so keyboard laptop becomes less responsive. To clean a Laptop Keyboard can be done by reversing the position of the laptop down and spray with atomizer dust, spray it all over the side of the keyboard. To clean up the sidelines keyboard can use a cotton bud, do it slowly and carefully

4. Clean the Casing of the Laptop

The casing of the Laptop is dirty certainly interfering with comfort in the use of a laptop. To clean the casing of the laptop can use a special fluid and microfiber fabric cleaner’s laptop. You also can make use of eucalyptus oil as an alternative to liquid cleaner’s laptop.

The way is, wipe the casing of the laptop from dust with a microfiber cloth, then pour a little bit of eucalyptus oil on cloth microfiber wipe, then slowly at the dirty to clean and wipe again with a dry microfiber cloth to remove the remains of eucalyptus oil.

5. Clean the inside of the Laptop

The last step is to clean the inside of the laptop. The inside of the laptop very easily store vacuuming the fan, thus causing a hardware and ventilation be dirty and not working properly, can even make laptop components become damaged. To avoid this you should clean the inside of the laptop on a regular basis.

The way to clean it is, by opening the bottom of the laptop using a screwdriver. Make sure the screwdriver you are using matches your laptop, if it is suitable, open the screw on the bottom of the laptop, then remove the laptop cover.

To clean up the grime you can use a brush or fine dust, clean the atomizer is slowly and carefully. Do not use any liquid to clean the inside of the laptop, because it could damage the components of the laptop. If it’s clean, cover back on the bottom of the laptop with a screwdriver.