How to Clean Lungs Naturally and Effective for Smokers

The air in big cities is much polluted. This makes a lot of people have lungs that are not healthy. Moreover, people who are addicted to smoking cigarettes, his lungs will look darker colored than those who live a healthy life.

Clean Lungs

For all of you who want to live healthier and leave the bad habit, the following will explain how to clean lungs naturally, especially for smokers. Come read more details here:

Stay Away From Smoking

The most important things you should do to clean lungs naturally is with abstinence from smoking itself. Indeed it would be hard, but little by little we will get used to eliminate the customs of smoking. As best I can also stay away from people who are smoking. If you had to be in the room that there are people currently smoke, do your best to use the mask.

White Water

Smoking habits can make the addict feel dehydrated. Researchers say, consuming lots of water will help you to stop smoking and reduce the nicotine content in the body. That way, nicotine in the lungs slowly erodes along with the cessation of smoking.
Those are some ways to cleanse your lungs naturally and effectively. If you are trying to clean your lungs for the health of the body, be sure to follow the methods above. Do not forget to exercise so that the results can be maximized.

Ginger and Peppermint

As it turns out, ginger and peppermint that is able to cleanse the lungs due to the womb that can eliminate pollutants from the air that is inhaled. In addition, the menthol in the peppermint is useful for relaxing the muscles of the respiratory tract.

Omega 3

How to cleanse the lungs powerful enough is to increase the consumption of foods that contain lots of omega 3. These nutrients are a substance that can make the lungs healthier by reducing the rate of production of mucus that will reduce the risk of symptoms of lung disease.

You can find omega 3 through food seafood, like crab, scallops, tuna, salmon, and also the lobster. But remember; don’t eat too much seafood for you who are suffering from high cholesterol.


Consuming fruits rich in potassium is also how to clear the lungs. This is because potassium acts as tonic cleanser which has a great influence on health of the respiratory organs. Some of the fruit that has a lot of potassium content is the date palm, banana, apricot, and papaya.


Increasing soy consumption is also a way to cleanse the lungs. The content of flavonoids found in soy can act as an anti-inflammatory in the lungs and also protect the lungs from tobacco that causes cancer.


Not only make more tasty cuisine, garlic is also a plant that had tremendous benefits for health, one of them for the lungs. The study mentions, routine eating garlic twice a week can lower the risk of developing lung cancer. This is because garlic contains high antioxidants to ward off free radicals, and also contain a substance called allicin that is able to address the inflammation.


Broccoli is a vegetable that is rich in vitamin C and B5. For smokers, it is highly recommended for routine eating broccoli. These vegetables were able to reduce the levels of nicotine in the body and restore needs vitamin C is lost due to the habit of smoking.


In addition to eating healthy foods, you should also regularly work out at least twice a week. With exercise, the lungs will work much more optimally and normalize breathing.


Sauna is also a pretty good way to cleanse your lungs. This is because when you are willing, the sweat released by your body will help eliminate the toxins in your body. With this, the lungs will also feel better because the poison has been removed.