How to Choose Good and Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are loved by everyone because in addition to delicious taste, the fruit has a variety of good for the body. Then what kind of good fruit? How to know how mature or not? What should be considered when choosing fruit? Let’s look at the explanation below:

How to Choose Good and Fresh Fruits 1

1. Banana

The yellow color of the banana indicates that the banana is ripe and can be eaten immediately. Whereas green bananas need time to ripen, so buy green bananas if you really want to store them at home. Keep bananas at room temperature because if you store bananas in the refrigerator, this will make the bananas black and faster.

2. Apple

Choose apples that are fragrant, brightly colored and smooth her skin has no blemishes. To check out the Apple fruit crispness, you could be tapping the fruit with a finger. Well if the sound was loud, his apple crisp and contain a lot of water. Look for apples that are not too mushy, mushy apples fruit because it wasn’t crunchy in it.

3. Wine

Good wine is a wine that is not dense, crimped details, not perforated, colored pale or not concentrated and attached firmly on the handle. The thickness of the skin of the grapes can also indicate the water content in wines, an increasingly thin skin means that increasingly has a lot of moisture content.

Do not buy grapes already sticky, loose from the stalk and have white spots or gray, because it could be the spots it is a fungus that could quickly spread to other wine grains and accelerate the process of decay.

4. Avocado

Avocados are fruits that cannot ripen on trees, so they must be picked first and stored until cooked. A bright avocado green indicates the avocado is still immature. The ripe avocado does not feel hard when grasped but is soft and does not contain too much water; the seeds are also no longer attached to the fruit flesh.

Try should shake-shake a little, if it feels its seed pods swaying means the avocado is ripe. Don’t buy avocado very dark colored, too mushy and have dents or bruises on the outside because of the avocado as that means it’s been overcooked so that it is not good to eat.

5. Orange

Fresh orange fruit has smooth skin, clear orange skin pores, smells good and has a weight that fits with its size. You can also stick your thumb nail to the center of the orange, if soft means the orange is ripe. For mandarin oranges, choose one with loose skin because the orange meat is smaller than the skin.

6. Papaya

Sweet and fresh papaya can be viewed from almost the color orange or red, free of bruises. If there are a few dark spots on her skin, there is no problem. Well ripe papaya has a texture that is slightly tender, not too loud not too mushy.

When you buy green and wanted to wait for him to mature at home, you can approximate this with fruit papaya fruit bananas or apples that will help accelerate the maturity of the fruit.

7. Melon

Melon fruit which is ripe network or strokes her skin looks a lot and thick, fruity aroma also issued of sweet and fragrant that you can kiss from the base of the stalk. Melon fruit is ripe when it’s going to make a lot of seeds in it apart from the flesh of the fruit, so like the fruit of the avocado. You can try to shake him and feel whether there are seeds which have shaken.

8. Watermelon

To find a watermelon is ripe, search the handle dry, easily separated from his men and in tap-tap sound is not loud. Watermelon weight indicates that watermelon has a lot of moisture content.

You can look for sweet watermelons by looking at the color of their skin that is not pale, striped more neatly, has a curly stem. Check the bottom of the watermelon with a small circle, the smaller the circle the better.

9. Pineapple

Ripe pineapple and fresh has a form of a stout, heavy and have a strong aroma. Choose a pineapple that is colored bright yellow golden body and green leaves do not wither. A lot of people say, ripe pineapple leaves can be plucked from the top with ease.

Fresh fruits of the most delicious indeed if the fruit is ripe and sweet. Well after reading the tips on choosing this fresh fruits then you do not need to be confused in choosing fresh fruits. May be useful and can help you to buy the fresh fruits.