How to Build Arm Muscles In 10 Minutes

Form the arm muscles, not only beautify the appearance of the body but also makes the body into better performance. Strong arm muscles will facilitate us in performing daily activities, even though they are simple, such as grabbing objects on shelves high, arouse the groceries, cradling the child, or hauling a pile of clothes.

Build Arm Muscles

How to build arm muscle sets you can try yourself at home or during rest periods in Office. It didn’t take long, just about 10 minutes per day. But before the start of practice, it is recommended to do stretching and warming up for a 6 minute by reducing the risk of muscle injury.

Here’s how to establish a healthy arm muscles:

1. Push ups

Push-ups are the most precise movement to form the arm muscles, chest, and shoulders. Take the position of push-ups with resting on the Palm of the hand and toe, and then do the next movement as follows.

  • Straighten your hands to align with your shoulders and give a wide enough distance between your palms on the floor. Keep your body to form a straight line from head to heel. Straighten your legs, and keep your knees from sticking to the floor.
  • Lower the body by bending the elbow until the chest down about 5 cm above the floor. Hold for a moment, and then straighten your elbows again.
  • Repeat 10-15 times.

For starters, try this movement with resting on hands and knees. For maximum effort, remember to keep your back and waist keep it straight during movement.

2. Bend the upper arm Movement.

This movement is applied as a commencement exercise build muscle arms.

  • Stand with legs open as wide as the shoulders while holding bottle containing water or dumbbells on both sides of the body.
  • Slowly, bend both arms up to the shoulder-high bottle position. Hold a few seconds, and then lower back. Repeat 5 times and do as much as 3 sets.

When performing the movement, tighten the stomach and buttocks to get better results.

3. The body resting on the Chair

This exercise primarily allocated forms the upper arm muscles. Sit on a chair with a steady hand holding both sides of the ends of the seat. Make sure knees bending and forming an angle of 90 degrees, and then do the following steps.

  • Lift the body with resting on both hands, to the buttocks is not attached to the bearing seat.
  • Bring the body more forward then lower until it is in front of the Chair with both hands holding onto seats.
  • Tighten the sleeve and lift the body sat back down on the Chair. Repeat 10-15 times.

4. Push-Ups with resting on the wall

To train the triceps muscle in the upper arm, you can try push-ups exercises by making use of the wall. Stand facing a wall with the distance between the body and the wall is approximately 40 cm. And then do the following movement.

  • Place both palms on the wall at chest height, can be far apart, shoulder width, or both palms close together.
  • Bend the elbow to make the Agency approached the wall. Keep your body straight by letting the heel elevated when the body closer to the wall. Hold a while.
  • Align the arm and when the body is returned. Repeat 10-15 times.

To get maximum results, you can replace the wall that is used as the object of a stable with a Chair (without wheels) or even with the floor.

5. Stretch your upper arms

Kneel down using one of your limbs, while other limbs to bend forward and rests on legs. Both knees form a 90 degree angle. If that was in the front of the knee is right, lift and align the left arm towards the back as far as possible.

Hold a moment before bending the elbow 90 degree angle forming. Repeat 10-15 times, and then do the same movement on the other side of the body. To get maximum results, you can put a bottle of water or a dumbbell in hand when doing this movement.

Round off the series how to build muscle with this arm rest for about 5 minutes to stabilize breathing and heart rate. For the sake of getting the best results, the establishment of a regular arm muscles need to be supported with healthy eating and exercise patterns that involve the whole body.