How to Avoid a Recurrence of Ulcer and Gastric Acid High

The ulcer disease relapse is a nightmare for everyone who’s had a history of diseases of the stomach acid. There are various causes of diseases such as infection of the skin ulcer of the stomach was injured, bacterial infections, drug side effects, and the pressure of the mind. Don’t worry, there are ways of avoiding disease ulcer recurrence and gastric acid increases the potent:


1. Consumption of Bananas

The banana is a fruit that is easy to live in tropical regions such as in Indonesia and sold at a bargain price. Behind the price is cheap, there are a myriad of benefits and one of them is to prevent ulcer recurrence because bananas contain pectin which is very high.

2. Drink plenty of plain water

Keep your body stays hydrated at all times by drinking lots of water and regular basis. In addition to avoid dehydration, white water have efficacy for cleaning the hull of all bacteria, so it can prevent disease ulcer relapse back into.

3. Do not smoke

Smoke inhaled stomach acid production will increase, especially if the stomach hurt. Avoid cigarette smoke and stop smoking immediately to avoid possible disease ulcers happen again or even become increasingly chronic.

4. Make use of Aloe Vera

Not only helpful keeping and caring for hair, Aloe Vera can be used to prevent the coming back disease ulcer. Researchers found that nutritional Aloe Vera was able to heal the wounds on the wall of the stomach.

5. Eat according to your needs

Overeating can trigger ulcer disease recurrence and gastric acid has increased suddenly. The composition of dishes eaten must also be balanced. Too much eating spicy foods can cause stomach acid hurt that imposes a high back stomach acid.

6. Avocado

The levels of vitamin E and Vitamin D contained in the avocado were able to accelerate the process of regeneration of the wound on the wall of the stomach that causes ulcer disease relapse. Consumption of fresh avocado juice or made so that the stomach can digest it better.

7. Chew Gum

Disease ulcer relapse caused by increased levels of stomach acid. The solution was to neutralize gastric acid levels. Chewing gum can reduce levels of stomach acid due to the increased saliva production.

8. Avoid Gassy Foods

There are different types of vegetables and fruits containing gases such as cassava, durian, and dried fruit. For patients with gastric acids, avoid eating foods that contain high gas will trigger disease ulcer back quickly.

That’s some way of overcoming the disease ulcer relapse that you can do. Ulcer disease is indeed often repeated, but that does not mean it cannot be eliminated altogether. The key is to eat regularly, never late, and avoid all the restrictions recommended by the doctor.