Get to Know the Cause of Cervical Cancer in Women

Cervical cancer is a disease that occurs when there is an unnatural progression on a woman’s cervix. Cervical or neck of the uterus is the liaison between the parts of the uterus with the vagina.

Cervical Cancer

Deadly diseases threatening women all ages has a percentage of success of healing when the patient is aware of the existence of cervical cancer and immediately accept the handling of medical personnel.

Cervical cancer vaccine should be given to women from an early age in order to minimize the risk of incidence of cancer cells.

If you haven’t done the HPV vaccine, then we recommend that you learn about the causes and symptoms of cancer of the cervix in order to avoid and before it’s too late to get medical care.

The cause of cervical cancer

7 out of 10 cases, the development of cervical cancer cells is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV is a collection of viruses that leads to the birth of cervical cancer. It is better to immediately receive an injection of cervical cancer vaccine, currently available in various hospitals.

In addition to being caused by a virus, a woman will have a risk of developing cervical cancer is higher if you have a habit of following:

1. Give birth many times

The more children are born by a woman, the higher the risk of the woman getting cervical cancer. This is because hormonal changes after giving birth make the cervix more susceptible to the effects of HPV.

2. Sexual intercourse early childhood

High number of early marriages in Indonesia resulted in the woman had sexual intercourse in their teens are more at risk of suffering cancer of the cervix.

3. Taking the contraceptive pill over five years

Not yet known definitively why contraceptive drugs can lead to cervical cancer, but based on the compilation of data of cervical cancer patients, most of them taking the contraceptive pill for a relatively long period of time.

4. Cigarette smoking

The research found that women smokers are twice more active are prone to the development of cervical cancer compared with women of non smokers. This is caused by the negative effects of various chemicals smoking is also found in the cells of cervical cancer.

The four habits above are the most common causes of cervical cancer. Therefore, if one of these habits becomes your habit, you should immediately stop and find other alternatives that are safer and not harmful to the health of the cervix.

In addition to paying attention to the various causes of cervical cancer, always pay attention to feminine products that are used to prevent cervical cancer.