Foot Treatment That You Can Do Yourself At Home

Though always introverted and rarely seen, foot hygiene should not be missed. Moreover, almost every day we walk down streets that will surely be filled with dust and dirt that we don’t realize stuck to our feet.

Foot Treatment That You Can Do Yourself At Home 1

Washing your feet with soap and water is not enough to make your feet clean completely, because they could hide behind your toenails. In addition, the erratic weather is sometimes hot, sometimes cold makes the moisture of the skin of our feet disappear and vulnerable to cracking.

If it is so, it certainly makes us also feel uncomfortable when walking. Well, to overcome these things, you will uncover some tips of foot treatment that you can do with the easy way at home.

1. Make sure your feet are clean of Nail Polish

Before performing this spa ritual, first remove your toenail paint. You can use nail polish remover to remove it. Make sure you remove the nail polish as cleanly as possible and don’t leave anything left. To keep the original shine of your nails, avoid removing nail polish with acetone, because nail cleansers that contain acetone make your nails look dull and break easily.

2. Nail your feet

In order to nail your feet dirty and quick not always clean, preferably your feet, because the nail clippers nail is left dirty and easier if left to it can cause skin infections.

In addition, long nails are also more easily broken. To avoid these things begin diligent cutting the nails at least once a week in order for the health and beauty of your nails awake.

3. Soak the feet

After going through the 2 steps, it’s time you soak the foot in warm water, so that the stick has been completed lifted, add salt to the water the marinade the leg.

In addition to lifting the dirt more easily, the salt is also capable of lifting dead skin cells is attached to. Let stand for approximately 8-10 minutes. This stage is important to moisturize and soften the skin of your feet.

4. Peeling

After your feet are soaked, dry them using a towel. Then, you can start the peeling step. This peel is very useful especially for your feet that are experiencing cracking and peeling.

You can use the scrub or pumice stone, then peeling with a circular motion. Start of the heel area and gradually to the back legs, soles of the feet and toes.  Finished rubbing, soak the foot back into the warm water. You can add baking soda to the water the leg marinade, shaking gently massaging your feet. Soak for approximately 4-5 minutes.

5. Apply a moisturizer on your feet

The final step of the foot spa is to apply olive oil or body lotion to the foot area evenly. This stage will make the legs that were dry so that the back feels soft and moist. Let stand for a few minutes before using footwear, to make it more absorbent.

That’s the foot care at home that you can do with the easy way. In addition to the easy, the materials required are also very easy to be obtained. Thus, you can continuously maintain and care for the health of your feet to always clean and dry your feet away from the skin especially cracked.