Foods that are Suitable for Diet and Make Longer Satiety

While undergoing diet program to get your ideal body shape, the food is certainly being the most major things you notice. Not even the few people who thus reducing the dining portion and retain hungry because her weight would go up after consuming foods in portion a lot.

Foods that are Suitable for Diet and Make Longer Satiety 1

But now you don’t have to worry anymore, because it turns out that many foods that can make you full for longer and certainly won’t make you weight goes up drastically. Foods that are suitable for diets and can make longer satiety, among others:

1. Baked Potato

Most people consider the potato is food high in carbohydrates that can make weight fast ride. In fact, in addition to containing carbohydrate, potatoes are also rich in fiber, vitamins and various other nutrients needed by the body.

The potatoes will also make you fuller and not interested in consuming other foods after eating potatoes because of the high content of fibers. You do not need to worry that the potatoes will interfere with the diet program you, because of the calories contained in 1 potato fruit no more than 160 calories.

2. Avocado

Avocados do indeed include fatty foods, but the fat contained therein is unsaturated fats that are good for health, it could even help the fat burning process so much.

Avocados are also rich in folic acid, potassium and vitamin E which will have a longer satiety effect than other foods. But to get maximum results, consume avocados without being mixed with sugar, milk, syrup, and other sweet additives.

3. The soup

Foods that contain a lot of water like a vegetable soup or soup nuts can also give a sense of satiety for longer. Besides being rich in fiber that makes you feel hungry, not quick vegetable soup will also not make you fat.

Just a bowl of soup contains no more than 150 calories. At breakfast with a bowl of soup, the body will also give a signal to the brain and inform that you had enough to eat and not be compelled to consume other foods with portions that much.

4. Eggs

The egg indeed is known as one of the foods that are rich in protein and also the 9 essential amino acids. When digested by the body, the ninth of these amino acids play a role in triggering the release of hormones in the intestine that can minimize the hunger.

Study conducted by Saint Louis University also have proven that people who have breakfast with eggs in the morning has 330 fewer calories than people who eat white bread. To make it richer, should you consume 1 egg whole, follows with yellow eggs since almost all of the proteins in the eggs contained in the yellow eggs.

5. Oatmeal

Foods containing complex carbohydrates are going to give a sense of fullness longer and certainly won’t make you weight goes up. In addition to being able to cultivate sugar more slowly so as to suppress the hunger, oatmeal is also rich in fibers that support the occurrence of metabolic processes the body properly.

Breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal will definitely make your days fun so more eager appetite and make you not be soaring. To taste on oatmeal, you can add low fat milk, almonds and fresh fruit such as strawberries.

6. Nuts

If you like snacking, you better snacking nuts a good diet for you. Beans such as soy beans, red beans, almonds and walnuts are rich in complex carbohydrates that require a longer time to digest so that will give a more durable satiety effects.

Not only does contain complex carbohydrates, beans are also rich in good fats and proteins that may become a substitute source of protein for those of you who do not eat meat.

7. Apple

Apples can also fill you, without having to be eaten along with rice. Apples contain pectin which can slow down the digestion process and give effect to the glut.

To get a sense of fullness longer, better you consume Apple intact, not in the form of juice. It would be better if you eat an Apple without discarding the Peel, to get his nutritional optimally.

8. Popcorn

It turns out the snacks from corn this one contains only 90 calories, but will give the effect of fullness. Popcorn will fill up a lot of space in the stomach and stimulates the brain to think that you’ve eaten in great numbers, so that you will feel full after eating it.

Now you don’t need to endure hunger because you are on a diet program. By consuming these foods, the taste is overcome and certainly won’t interfere with your diet program.