7 Foods that Are Not Good to Eat After Exercising

When performing heavy physical activity such as exercise or workout, your body will lose a lot of nutrients and energy. Therefore, it should you consume certain foods as a substitute energy burned while exercising.

7 Foods that Are Not Good to Eat After Exercising 1

But you also need to be observant in selecting foods to be consumed, because if the wrong in choosing food, our bodies will be difficult to restore back the lost energy.

Therefore, you have to know what foods are very not recommended for consumption after exercising. These foods include:

1. Red meat

Red meat is one of the most difficult types of food is digested by the body, so that it cannot be transformed into a source of energy in quick time, but the body needs protein to digestible energy intake in order to obtain quickly.

In addition, because it is difficult to digest red meat, will also very likely to turn into flab in our body. If you take it after a workout, is certainly a sport that you do will not produce anything.

After burn calories and fat, you again add calories and fat by eating processed red meat. Instead, you can consume chicken meat and fish, the protein content of not less than red meat such as beef.

2. A light meal with a taste of salt

Snacks with the savory saltiness are indeed well liked by all circles. But did you know that food, it can disrupt the pattern of diet and exercise that you do.

Salty foods can indeed add potassium in your body that much is lost through sweat that we spend time exercising. But keep in mind that most of the high-calorie snacks that make calorie consumption in a day is greater than necessary.

This is what will make the exercise you have done will be in vain. Well as a replacement for the lost potassium after exercising, we recommend the consumption of bananas which have been shown to contain more potassium as potassium replacement many issued by the body while exercising.

3. Raw Vegetables

Vegetables is indeed a food menu that must be entered into the list of menu foods while you’re undergoing diet program and would like to get an ideal body shape. But there are certain times where you should avoid vegetables, especially raw vegetables, i.e. when after a fitness or exercise.

It is because when working out, going to a lot of wasted energy and nutrients to burn fat in the body. Exercise burns a lot of calories and food intake you need making with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Well to replace the missing nutrients, consume vegetables alone is not enough. You need more nutrients, especially protein and fiber to help return the body’s energy after doing heavy activity as well as to help the development of the muscles, the effect on the formation of an ideal body shape. ┬áTherefore, you have to balance consumption of vegetables by consuming fruit that has a lot more content of nutrients and vitamins.

4. White bread

Other foods not recommended for consumption after exercise is white bread. It is because our body needs a lot of energy after burning glycogen, while white bread contain only carbohydrates and don’t have the nutrients needed by the body after exercise. The content of carbohydrates in foods is also very high so that it can cause the pile of excess fat on the body.

In addition, the content of starch in white bread can also be converted into sugar very quickly and can disrupt the digestive system. As his successor, you can consume the bread from whole wheat seeds that are rich in fiber which functions as a replacement for the energy lost when exercising.

5. Chocolate stem

Besides being delicious, chocolate also has many benefits for our body, some of which are improving mood, preventing the development of cancer cells with their antioxidant content, and killing free radicals.

But the food with this very sweetness is not recommended for consumption after exercise, due to a high content of calories and will only make the sport are you going to do in vain only.

If you cannot escape from this one food, you can consume it before exercising, so that the calories from chocolate that enter your body can immediately burn when exercising. If you still want to consume chocolate after exercise, consume it in other ways, such as by making a glass of warm chocolate or milk chocolate using chocolate powder with lower fat and calorie content.

6. Sweet and fizzy Drinks

Sweet and fizzy drinks to consume will just frustrate you dream to get an ideal body shape. It is because in addition to a high-calorie, sugary foods and sodas can also slow down the metabolic processes of the body, which means that the fat burning process would be hampered as well.

In addition, the fizzy drinks can also be bad for our health if taken continuously for a period of time. If you feel thirsty after doing sports that surely a lot of exertion, we recommend the consumption of white water, fruit juice, and tea without the extra sugar. These drinks certainly will also remove the thirst you feel without having to provide excess calories for the body.

7. Junk food

The hunger that appears after activities such as heavy exercise is reasonable. It often makes us to eat fast food as the quickest way to overcome hunger.

But almost all fast food is a food that has high cholesterol and contains lots of fat, which is certainly not good for your body’s health. Fat can also interfere with the body’s muscle formation process, which prevents you from getting the ideal body shape.

Well now you already know what type of food should not be consumed after exercise. If you don’t want a sport that you do needlessly, avoid the foods that are already described above.