8 Types of Food That Can Support Children’s Brain Intelligence

Periods of growth from baby to teen is the most appropriate time to stimulate the child’s development, including the development of brain intelligence.  There are many factors that affect children’s brain intelligence, ranging from heredity, environment and certainly food intake that he earned.

8 Types of Food That Can Support Children's Brain Intelligence 1

Now if you want your child to grow up to be a smart child, give him a nutritious food intake so that his brain’s nutrition can be fulfilled. The following are the best foods that can stimulate children’s brain intelligence, including:

1. Fish

Indeed it cannot be denied that almost all kinds of fish especially Salmon, good for children’s brain intelligence. No wonder that many manufacturers of products for the development of the child, using a fish as a main ingredient in the manufacture of their products, including fish oil.

Even any research has proven that children who consume the fish will have a memory and the ability to reason more incisive than children who do not eat fish. In addition to the high-protein, salmon also contains DHA and EPA which is a major source of omega 3 fatty acids.

2. Fat-free beef

Beef with no fat can make the Mother as a source of iron, which is one of the essential minerals that will help children to stay energized and concentrate when learning at school.

Even this food is the best source of iron most easily absorbed by the body. The content of zinc in beef without these fats will also help keep the memory and intelligence the little brain.

3. Berries

Types of fruits such as berries, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and others contain many nutrients that are important for children’s brain intelligence development. Some research suggests that even a strawberry and blueberries can improve memory functions of the brain, so that it can enhance the ability of the little memory.

Not only the fruit flesh is beneficial, the berries also contain omega 3 fatty acids which have been known as one of the nutrients that play a role in the child’s intelligence development.

In addition, antioxidants and vitamin C contained in them can also reduce stress and play a role in increasing immunity and preventing dangerous diseases such as cancer.

4. Egg

The egg is an excellent source of protein that is most easily obtained and easily processed. In addition to the price of cheap, eggs can also be varied for the various foods that appeal to the grassroots. Egg yolks are known to contain Colin which may help brain development, especially the development of the function of memory or memory.

This substance will increase the production of memory stem cells in the brain, and also make children not easily tired. However, egg consumption should not be too excessive, try to give only one egg to your child every day, because egg yolks also contain cholesterol that is not good for your baby’s health if consumed in excess.

5. Nuts

If the little one likes snacking, give it a healthy snack like nuts. Bean is one of the foods rich in vitamin E and antioxidants can act as the protector of brain cells against free radicals.

In addition to good for thinking ability, the nut can also be a good source of energy because the content of vitamin E and thiamin in it can change glucose into the energy needed by the body.

Even from one of the studies, it is known that beans contain more omega 3 fatty acids ALA, particularly important for the growth and development of brain function.

6. Whole Wheat and brown rice

Grains with complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole wheat or oat meal, are proven to contain glucose and vitamin B which are good for intelligence of the brain because it functions to maintain the nervous system.

In this case, the B vitamins function in increasing the blood flow to the rest of the nervous system, which is useful for providing supplies to all the organs of the body that is active, one brain.

In addition, whole wheat is also rich in vitamin E, potassium and zinc which support the body and brain to work in a balanced and optimal way. The high fiber content will be very good for children’s health, especially the health of their digestive organs.

So from now on, replace the usual white rice Mother serves to your child at breakfast with oat meal, so that the nutrients needed by the brain can be fulfilled. If he doesn’t like oatmeal, Mother can replace it with cereal with added white milk or chocolate milk, which is usually more popular with children.

7. Colorful Vegetables

Natural food ingredients such as brightly colored carrots, tomatoes and spinach is a myriad of foods rich in nutrients, one of them a very high antioxidant content.

Antioxidants and other good nutrients contained in colored vegetables can encourage brain cells to develop to become stronger and healthier, which ultimately can also support children’s brain intelligence.

But unfortunately most small children tend not to like vegetables. Now for Mother who also has difficulty in giving fresh vegetables to the little one, Mother can vary the menu and disguise the shape of the vegetables.

For example if the fruit of careful Mother love cup cake, the mother can mix grated carrots into the cup cake batter. In addition, the mother can also form a vegetable-vegetable shapes are unique and funny, like the shape of his favorite cartoon.

8. Milk products

Milk is good milk and formula milk is a healthy drink that is rich in sources of nutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium, vitamins B and D which act as important nutrients that play a role in the growth of brain tissue, neurotransmitters and enzymes. Children, ranging from babies to adolescents who are in the process of growing desperately need the benefits of milk.

Well how about the mother, already know what foods would you be Mother choose to support the development of the brain is the little one? Don’t forget to always add the foods at the top of the menu list into healthy eating.