Food for Diabetics and Their Precautions

Sure of you already know what diabetes is. The disease is highly related to insulin is very susceptible to certain foods. But in fact all causes and that blood sugar levels need not be feared.

Food for Diabetics and Their Precautions 1

In fact in the body’s blood sugar levels of diabetics can be controlled. The trick is to apply a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle as well. The disease is indeed prone because if getting worse will cause heart disease and stroke also.

For those of you who may already be suffering from diabetes, you should be able to run the diabetic diet. This diabetic diet is a healthy way and can control the sugar levels in the body, as well as maintain weight.

Make the appropriate and healthy food suitable for sufferers of diabetes is the most appropriate answer to be able to regulate the sugar levels in the body. For more details, let’s discuss food for diabetics below:

1. Foods rich in fiber

Foods rich in fiber are good for the digestion. In addition food fibrous can help diabetics to lower blood sugar levels very surged. Foods rich in fiber are found in pears, oranges, spinach, broccoli, carrots, squash and pumpkin as well as various legumes such as peas and soy.

2. Healthy Carbohydrates

Some think if consuming carbohydrates instead will add severe blood sugar levels in the body. However, this applies only to simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates instead. Complex carbohydrates are often called powdery substance is slowly absorbed by the body and can help blood sugar levels stabilized.

Good food including food which includes healthy carbohydrate sources exist on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes (beans, peas, and lentils), and low-fat dairy products. Foods such as red rice, oatmeal and rice cereal corn is food source of carbohydrates is healthy and suitable for sufferers of diabetes.

3. Fish

Types of fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines can be a good alternative than eating meat high in fat. The types of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids so it’s very good for heart health and can improve insulin resistance in the body. But it is not recommended to consume fish and fried fish with high mercury levels such as tuna.

4. Good fats

Fat including unsaturated fats like avocados, almonds, walnuts or walnuts, olives, and peanut oil good fat is included. These foods can decrease inflammation and acts as antioxidant, anticancer, antiviral, and high cholesterol.

The benefits of this can prevent the development of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Don’t be evil as consumption of fats, margarine, butter and lard, but replace it with olive oil.

It’s also important to set the hours to eat and make a list of food that will be consumed. Unlike the regular diet on diabetes diet, most people do not have to wait when hungry and skip hours eating, but the important thing is to set the amount of carbohydrates being consumed. The consumption of food with the same portions per hour meal, don’t be too excessive.

Diabetics should be able to regulate his diet and consume the right foods. Foods that contain sweet and fat consumed is not good for the diabetics. The food being abstinence for diabetics include:

1. High cholesterol food

High cholesterol levels are very dangerous for people with diabetes, because it will cause plaques in the arteries that allow disease to spread to the heart. To avoid and prevent this from happening, try not to consume foods that contain high cholesterol,
Foods that are high in cholesterol include high-fat milk products and high-fat animal protein, egg yolk, shellfish, liver, and other organ meats. You who like to eat fried foods should also be reduced because fried foods are high cholesterol foods.

2. Food containing a lot of Sugar

As we know, diabetes is also known as sugar disease or diabetes. This is called the disease of sugar because blood sugar balance hormones namely insulin less able to function properly or could not even work at all.

With those facts, then it is clear that diabetics should not consume foods and drinks which contain a lot of sugar. Avoid foods such as white sugar (granulated sugar), ice cream, Donuts, pastries, chocolates, as well as foods with artificial sweeteners. Avoid also the consumption of bread, coffee, and soda.

3. Saturated fats

For you who have diabetes, avoid consumption of fatty foods are saturated. Foods containing saturated fat include milk is high in fat and animal protein such as beef, hot dogs, sausages and meats contain saturated fat.

So start thinking again if you want to go to fast food restaurants, most of which contain saturated fats. Also keep fries, pizza, fried chicken and burgers, even though the food is very tasty, but of course it’s not good for health.

4. Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is indeed not good for health. For healthy people, it is not good, especially if consumed by diabetics. For people with diabetes, consuming alcohol can inhibit and interfere with the body’s ability to produce insulin.

If the diabetics consume alcohol in excess, it can cause hypoglycemia i.e. decrease in blood sugar levels. Worse yet, if diabetics still consume alcohol then the temporary blindness can occur and trigger complications in the liver.

The right foods will help diabetics to control blood sugar levels in the body. If there is an appropriate and suitable food for diabetics, there are also food abstinence which must be avoided.

So if you’ve been following the diet that fits, don’t forget to stay away from the foods that are already discussed above. All the food mentioned above did have flavor, but this can cause the disease of diabetes is getting worse.