What to Do When It’s the First Time to Buy Life and Health Insurance?

Whether it is your first time to buy life insurance and healthcare? Do you feel confused when want to buy life insurance and health insurance but there are investment? Actually what should I do if the first buy life insurance and healthcare? Don’t confuse first because we will make clear what needs to be done include:

Life and Health Insurance

1. Calculate your needs

Once you figure out your needs, it is time you calculate how much protection you need. Especially for the money life insurance coverage, you can calculate your life insurance coverage needs money by using Applications that you can download in Play store.

Many people already have life insurance but the amount of insurance is under insured or over insured. You need to know, if you buy life insurance and it turns out that the sum of the sum insured is less than needed, then your life insurance is less than optimal.

What about health insurance? There are several insurance company unitlink which is a combination of a health insurance + insurance + investment. Quiet don’t panic just yet, as we will discuss more about unitlink on points 3 and the explanation we may not necessarily be delivered by your insurance agent.

2. Know your needs

The first thing you need to do is find out your protection needs. Learn first the protection of life and health protection as to what you need. You can discuss with your partner, friends, financial planners and insurance agents.


  • If you are newly married couples and 2 years plan to have children, then you ought to be considering insurance to birth.
  • If you have dependents, child and your wife need to and required to have life insurance.

For the first time you buy life and health insurance, May also still confused what is the difference between life insurance and health insurance. Basically the product of health insurance and life insurance were different.

Health insurance is an insurance product that provides financial security benefits to policyholders, if the person is experiencing health problems (illness or accident). So you can file a claim if you are sick and hospitalized.

Life insurance is insurance that aims to cover people from unexpected financial losses caused by someone’s death. So what is borne is the potential financial loss because of someone’s death.

Life insurance is insurance that aims to cover people from unexpected financial losses caused by someone’s death. So what is borne is the potential financial loss because of someone’s death.

Everyone ideally has health insurance. The good news is that you can buy health insurance at an affordable price. What about life insurance, does everyone need life insurance? The answer is no, especially if you don’t have family dependents.

3. Don’t forget to compare and adjust your budget

Congratulations now you already know what you need, how much you need and what is available. Now it’s time you choose and buy. Never be lazy to compare insurance products with one another. Customize your product options also with budgets.

4. Identify Products health insurance and life insurance

Once you know your needs and know how much it takes, then it’s time you find out the products that fit your needs. Start looking for information on insurance products. You can search for information through:

  • Insurance product comparison website
  • Ask to Google
  • See the website of the life and Health Insurance Company
  • Come to the Office of insurance
  • Contact friends who work in insurance companies

You need to know the map is the product of health insurance and life insurance. Remember once again the health insurance and life insurance was different. Usually the health insurance offered by comparison of the class rooms of the hospital or system limit. You can ask the insurance agent and consider the fortunes of harm from each product.

What about life insurance product maps? Life insurance products are divided into two types, namely traditional insurance and unit-linked insurance. Traditional insurance itself is divided into three types, namely term life insurance, whole life insurance and endowment insurance.

How about unitlink? According to you whether unitlink including protection or investment? The correct answer is that unitlink is the product protection. Maybe you’ve seen on the internet, writing financial planner who says “Note, I will never buy unitlink.”

We will explain the important things that your insurance agent might not explain. We agree that life and health insurance are important. Before unitlink insurance was available, people were offered traditional life insurance. One of the trendiest is term life insurance.

What is term life insurance? Term life insurance is like you buy car insurance. Every year you have to pay a premium. If something happens with the car and you file a claim, the insurance company will pay it. If you use the car well and have no claims, the insurance company will not pay you any money.

Term life insurance is the same; the customer must pay a premium. If the customer wishes a healthy, long life then you cannot make a claim. The insurance company will not pay any sum assured.

Most people assume if we had bought life insurance term life and given the health, longevity, abundant sustenance it is a loss. If you were given the health, longevity and sustenance in abundance but still feel a loss means you people are less grateful.

But it turns out the people who think the loss amount. Then the insurance people think, how can I make life insurance premiums can be free? One idea is to investment and the investment performance of money used to pay the premiums. This was the forerunner of the presence of unitlink.

5. Review of your Protection Plan Periodically

Errors that do more than 50% of the customer’s insurance are purchased and closed eyes. They are not checked again whether insurance owned could still meet the requirements or not. Remember you should always review or rechecking the insurance you have.

Price of room plus health hospitals always goes up. Possible protection with certain nominal per days is considered sufficient for now, but is still enough for 10 years to come?
At the time of marriage, you may count the money life insurance coverage only for children. However, it is possible that after 5 years of running you have a second child. Certainly the sum assured must also be incremented instead?

Therefore, you do not always lazy to do a review or repeated checking of health insurance and life insurance you have.

Now you do not need to be confused anymore even if you first want to buy life insurance and health. We congratulate you, because you are a prospective customer a careful in buying financial products. Before buying any financial product, make sure you look for complete information. Share also this information to your friends and your spouse so they also don’t get confused if this is the first time buying life insurance and health.