Factors Cause of Premature Aging and How to Prevent Premature Aging

The case of premature aging is increasingly often found today. This happens maybe because more and more people who are less attentive to the health of his body. In addition, it is also a lot of trivia that can be a cause of premature aging.

Prevent Premature Aging

If you want to prevent premature aging and always look youthful and long-lived, this time we will discuss the cause of premature aging and also how to prevent it. Check out the following:

1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages

Almost the same as smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages can bring much harm to the body, one of which speeds up premature aging. In these drinks, there are an awful lot of content of sugars and calories are harmful to your welfare. Drinking alcohol also makes the nutrients in the skin disappear and make it worse.

2. Smoking habit.

Smoking habits are not good for your body’s health. Besides being able to cause various types of cancer, smoking is also one of the causes of premature aging. Nicotine contained in cigarettes is a cause of premature aging. Nicotine will trigger skin cells to become water short and lose their moisture and make them dry.

In addition, cigarettes can also reduce levels of vitamin A in the skin, even though Vitamin A is useful as a natural antioxidant that will counteract free radicals on the face.

3. Nutritional deficiencies

One cause of premature aging is another nutritional deficiency. In the absence of sufficient nutrients, the look of the skin will also be bad. Hail this because in daily life skin requires the intake of vitamins and nutrients are balanced against free radicals and to update the cell against sunlight.

4. Too Stressful

Have you ever heard parents say, “Don’t be stressed a lot, then get old sooner.” Apparently these words have a point. A study has found that those who experience stress, especially over a long period of time, will experience premature aging and also have problems with leukocyte and telomere cells.

It has the role of leukocytes are important to the immune system of the body. If a shortage of telomere then leukocytes will experience difficulties multiply. Therefore, if someone is stressed then the leukocytes will be reduced and may also trigger premature aging.

5. Exposed to Excess Sunshine

The Sun indeed healthy if we are exposed to in the morning. However, the story would be different if you are exposed to light during the day. A study even mentions that 80 percent of the cause of premature aging occurs due to excessive sun exposure. Ultraviolet rays can damage assessed collagen and elasticity of the skin, so that makes you old faster.

6. Sleep Not Qualified

Lack of sleep also causes premature aging. The process of skin rejuvenation occurs when the body is being a break. But, this process will be severely disrupted if a period of rest was reduced. Doing so will cause premature aging.

7. Too Expressive

One of the causes of premature aging that you might not expect is that it’s too expressive. Repeated expressions on the face can cause lines on the face and accelerate wrinkles. Moreover, coupled with increasing age, over time the lines on the face will be seen more clearly from day to day.

8. The environment of Polluting

Currently, in the big cities have alarming levels of air pollution. Some cause, i.e. like smoke from the plant and the number of motor vehicles. The pollution make Earth’s atmosphere is broken, so that could be causing ultraviolet rays strike the skin, and can even cause skin cancer.

9. Incorrect position of Sleep

Your position habits during sleep are able to accelerate premature aging. This happens especially for those of you who are accustomed to sleeping in a slanted and prone position. Sleeping on your back can be a solution, because the face is not covered with a pillow. Even so, actually sleeping on your back is no better than sleeping on your right side.

10. Genetic factors

One of the things that cannot be avoided from premature aging is genetic factors. Genes inherited by parents can make premature aging unavoidable. However, good news if it turns out your parents have left a youthful gene, then you will experience the same thing.

How to prevent and overcome premature aging

When you already know the factors cause premature aging, you can prevent and overcome it with some of the ways that we discuss below:

1. Multiply your intake of Antioxidants

How to prevent premature aging is the next with lots of eating food that contains a lot of antioxidants. Many are consuming foods rich in antioxidants will help your body to made new collagen so that upon you look younger and fresher.

2. Adequate rest each day

Of course the first way is to get enough sleep because as we have discussed, the lack of sleep is one cause of premature aging. Therefore, it is very important for you to get sufficient sleep time to prevent premature aging.

3. Detox the body

If you, and often consuming food or drink that is not healthy, it’s good you do detoxify the body to get rid of all remnants of the toxins found in your body due to food and drink.

4. Expand the drinking water white

Many drank any water is a way of preventing the premature aging that is pretty potent. This is because when you drink plenty of water, you will restore moisture to the skin that was probably lost due to drought or dehydration.

5. Stop Unhealthy Habits

Stop doing unhealthy habit for a healthy body is also a one way prevents aging the most powerful self. Most drink alcohol or coffee, and also smoking can accelerate aging of the self. Therefore, it’s good you stop these bad habits now.