Eyelash Lift Advantages Compared To Eyelash Extensions

Talking about the trend of female beauty is indeed endless. After the eyelash extension is busy talking, there is now a trend to flex the lashes with the name eyelash lifts. What are eyelash lifts and what are the advantages compared to eyelash extensions?

Eyelash Lift Advantages Compared To Eyelash Extensions 1

Lash Lifting, Flex Eyelash with Keratin

In this world there are a myriad of ways to flex lashes. So you don’t need to feel inferior if your eyelashes are short or bald. Eyelash lift is one of many methods that can be done to extend and flex the lashes.

Unlike the eyelash extension that uses additional lash, lash lifting (or lifting eyelashes) is done with keratin as the main ingredient. This technique has been widely known in the United States and Germany since a few years ago.

How does eyelash steps lifting with keratin?

1. Clean the area of your eyes in advance of all the inherent makeup.
2. Then, the bottom and top of your eyelids will be placed on silicon pads. Especially for the upper part, the silicon pads are bloated, adjusting the length and level of flap you want (can be small, medium, or large)
3. Eyelash wills neatly combed while slightly pulled up until the sticking to the silicon pads.
4. Then, the lashes will be coated with a special lotion containing keratin. His goal was to make the lashes look more tapering and length. If you want more black eyelashes, there will be an extra liquid to make color more pigmented. This process is called eyelash tinting.
5. Let stand eye in conditions covered for 40 minutes up to 2 hours to reach lashes to the desired shape, and then voila. Eyelash lifting is done.
Once the ‘ lift ‘, eyelashes will look more long, black, and volume. Certainly looks more beautiful. For maximum results, keep lashes from the water until at least 48 hours after the treatment.

Well, you might be wondering, what are the advantages compared to lift eyelash extension?

1. More natural Results
Because it does not use Eyelash enhancement, eyelash results lift ever look more natural, long, and thick at the same time. If the eyelash extensions make users seem to wear false eyelashes, eyelash permanently lift more to make its users seem to wear mascara permanently.

2. More durable
Actually all of this depends on how you take care of part of the eye. However, the average eyelash extension will survive in perfect condition until the week before the 4-5 need a retouch. Meanwhile, eyelash elevator can last up to 8-12 week. There is no process of retouch for eyelash elevator, but the repetition of the same procedure.

3. Maintenance easier
Than eyelash extension that has many terms in her treatment, eyelash maintenance lift easier. Even you can use your mascara after performing the treatment.

4. Do not wear extra eyelashes
If the eyelash extension makes your eyelashes more flexible by using extra eyelashes, it’s different with the eyelash lift. Pure Eyelash lift is done on the original eyelashes. For those of you who have been avoiding the eyelash extension for reasons of religious restrictions related to the use of additional eyelashes, eyelash lifts can be the solution.

5. Little risk of irritation
Many users of eyelash extension complained of irritation after treatment because of incorrect installation or improper care. In fact, most user eyelashes eyelash elextension will fall along with the disappearance of the effects of such extension. With eyelash elevator, the risk of irritation or Eyelash loss is much less.

That’s the explanation of the eyelash lift and its advantages over the eyelash extension. Are you interested in trying this one trend? If you are still unsure, you can also try to flex and lengthen lashes with a variety of tools, ranging from eyelash curler, mascara, hazelnut oil cream, eyelash serum, or the easiest is false eyelashes.