Eyeglass Lens Types and Functions You Need To Know

The presence of the glasses is something much needed for those who have vision problems. In General, the glasses have two different components, i.e. the frame or part of the order as well as parts of the lens. Order glasses you can use to follow a style or trend specific accessories for the sake of complete appearance.

Eyeglass Lens Types

Meanwhile, the lens part itself is the main determinant of the function of the glasses so that they can be used. With this lens, you can adjust the type of lens based on the complaint suffered. The increasing intensity of the use of technology access in close proximity continuously is also one of the reasons for people who experience nearsightedness, even at a young age.

Therefore, knowing the kind of lens that will be used is very important because this will affect the comfort you while using the glasses. To find out what types of lenses are available, check out the full list here:

1. Lenses Sunglasses Bifocal

As the name suggests, this lens has two focal points that can help with the lens distance vision at the top and close lens on the bottom. These lenses are categorized as a lens that is quite commonly used and generally can be found in people with age 40 years and over with a level of focus of the lens is bad (presbyopia) due to advanced age.

The focal point of the lens at the top can be used to help the activity of reading, while at the bottom is destined to see in the distance.

2. Single Vision Glasses Lenses

This type of lens is also known as single lens because it only consists of one focal point that can improve eyesight for a one size only. Single lens is usually used for multiple users with complaints such as low vision (myopia) and minus lenses, and nearsightedness (hypermetropia) with plus lenses, as well as shaded vision (astigmatism) with the lens cylinder.

3. Progressive Glasses Lens

As the lens bifocal, progressive lenses are not much different because both have a double focal points are useful for correcting nearsightedness and shortsighted. The advantages gained by using the progressive lens are the user being able to view in the perspective of the medium. However, the progressive lens has no line delimiters as in the bifocal lens.

Therefore, a change in focus does not look too clear on progressive glasses lenses, so that users who use it requires some time to get used to it. This type of lens is usually made into a prescription for users who are having eyesight trouble which the centralization happens only on objects up close. Progressive lenses are often referred to as the lens trifocal.

4. Lens Goggles Transition

The uniqueness of this type of lens is its ability to change color. Discoloration of the lens occurs due to the properties of polarized light. Therefore, users who are outdoors and exposed by the rays of the Sun will make glasses lenses become dark. Otherwise, users who are in the room with minimal lighting that will not change the color of the lens and will keep him became clear.

For those of you who have sensitive eyes are well suited to use lens goggles transition because it can protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet light glow.

5. Eyeglass Lens Minus

As mentioned earlier, minus eyeglass lenses are lenses that are used to help visualize users who experience nearsightedness (myopia). The minus lens is concave and the way it works is by correcting the eyes that are not accommodated when viewing from a distance. The focal point that was in front of the retina and its blurred shadow is arranged so that the shadow can spread and fall right on the retina.

Lens glasses minus the more often used when doing outdoor activities such as while driving or leaving for the Office and school. Users who use a minus lens in close proximity for long periods of time, especially for the use of gadgets, will undergo an eye sore and tired more quickly.

6. Lens Mirror Sunglasses

Unlike the previous types of lenses that have no color or clear lens glasses mirror lens type is used for sunglasses. This type of lens is a trend that is being sought after, because it presents more classic shades when compared with most sunglasses.

This could be because the lens goggles mirror presents the silhouette with a variety of bright colors, as well as the diverse forms so that users can freely choose the model that suits your desires.

7. Cylindrical Glasses Lens

Cylindrical type lenses used to assist users with impaired vision astigmatism. Sufferers with astigmatism disorders have the shape of the eyeball that is less curved and obscure the focal point beam of light coming into the eye. You may often hear astigmatism sufferers who can’t distinguish the horizontal lines (horizontal) with a straight line (vertical) at the same time because of the shape of the cornea is not round completely.

Cylindrical eyeglass lenses will help sufferers to refract the light properly both horizontally and vertically so as not to become blurred.

8. Eyeglass Lens Plus

The opposite of minus lenses, eyeglass lenses plus has a convex shape. Lenses of this type also have a different function from the lens of the glasses minus, as has been mentioned earlier. Users with low vision (hypermetropia) have a weak lens system so the shadows reflected falling behind the retina.

The lens of the glasses plus useful to accommodate the user’s eye by way of collecting light and fix a focal point in order to get the shadow falling exactly on the retina.

9. Lens Glasses changed color

Glasses lenses that can change colors or photo chromic lens is actually a transition. Lenses of this type contain a patented photo chromic so capable of changing color according to exposure to light or UV light. The greater the intensity of the light, the darker the color of the resulting level lens.

Conversely, the absence of light will make this type of lens became clear as usual. Photo chromic lens types are excellent for maintaining eye health in the long run because its protection is a fairly strong and durable.

10. Sunglasses 5 Lens

Maybe some of you guys are curious, actually 5 glasses that lens? Simply put, this type of glasses is glasses which have 5 different lenses which can be used as needed. Therefore, don’t be surprised when looking at lenses glasses which can be removed and installed again. 5 lens glasses can also be referred to as a glasses clip – on. For those of you who want to try a variety of lenses with reasonable prices eyeglass lens 5 can use it.

So the kinds of glasses lenses that you can find. Such lenses have determined what it wants to be bought? Well, if you want to immediately buy a new lens or replace the old lens is damaged, you can also see a variety of lenses glasses complete the sale at the cheapest prices online.