Effective Ways to Get Rid of Shoe Odor Easily

For some people the shoes certainly is one of the mandatory equipment used while traveling out of the House. However, most of us are still forgotten in terms of taking care of the shoe to keep it clean and no fragrance and odor away.

Shoe Odor

Smelly feet in shoes produced by bacteria that interact with sweat issued our feet, sometimes even though the feet and shoes already in the wash the smell still wafted not lost completely.

These bacteria usually are on our shoes and socks. The more the sweat generated by the legs, then the bacteria will increasingly develop because the sweat is dropped for the bacteria.

Warm and humid conditions inside the shoe are perfect for the bacteria to grow and produce the pungent odor. When the smell on shoes already severe and very annoying, you can address it in the following ways:

1. Remove shoe odor with coffee

In addition to drink coffee is also very helpful to neutralize various odors. So don’t be surprised if we find copies in perfume stores. The coffee is useful to neutralize the smell of perfume.

First, make sure that your shoes are clean and dry before putting coffee in them so that the coffee process to neutralize to the maximum, then wrap the coffee powder into tissue paper, then the tissue paper containing the coffee is what you will put in the shoes. Let stand overnight so that the coffee powder can maximally neutralize the odor in your shoes.

2. Eliminate the smell of the shoes with Newspaper

If you have a newspaper the former at home should not immediately discarded. Because of this the former newspaper trash can still be you use to remove odors in shoes.

The trick, make sure your shoes are dry and clean, then prepare enough newspaper for about one to two pieces enough to wrap the shoes, shape the circles with the newspaper, then enter into the shoes to fill all the space on the inside of the shoe. Wrap the outside of the shoe tightly and neatly using a newspaper.

Finally, store the shoes that have been wrapped in a place that is rather cold for one night or more until the smell of the shoes must have been absorbed by the wrapping paper.

3. Remove odors with Baking Powder Shoes

In addition to the materials used for making the cake mix in the baking powder can also be used to remove odors you shoes just as well as the benefits of coffee.

It’s easy; simply sprinkle baking powder into the shoe, then let sit overnight. Then the next day clean the baking powder by using brushes

4. Remove shoe odor with a Teabag

If you regularly drink tea every morning, do not immediately throw away the pulp because you can still use the tea pulp. One of them is to get rid of the smell of shoes.

There are two easy ways to use the teabag as deodorizing; first you can wear a tea that is already used, both by wearing new teabag.

To wear a tea already brewed before put into shoes, it certainly must be drained first, then put on the shoes, and don’t forget before you put the disposable trays on the shoe, so that tea is not directly about the shoes.

5. Remove shoe odor with orange peel

Citrus fruit has a fragrance and a fresh aroma because of its essential oil. This is perfect when you use it as a shoe fragrance. The method is easy, enter the skin of any orange fruit, such as lemon and lime which is still fresh into the shoe. Then leave overnight in the shoes. The next day your shoes will become more fragrant.

Before your shoes become smelly, it’s a good idea to prevent them with the following tips:

  • Rotate or replace the wearing of shoes by not wearing shoes a day or 24 hours.
  • Wear socks not more than a day; bring spare socks to change into when you have strenuous activity such as sports.
  • Use a dehumidifier or a perfume into the shoe.
  • Sprinkle the powder to walk in between the toes of your shoes before wearing the shoes, so as not to fast and sweaty feet feels more comfortable in shoes.
  • Select a sock with cotton material. With socks made from cotton, your feet will not quickly sweating due to its absorbing humidity.
  • After using the socks don’t put in shoes, this makes the process of shoe odor so quickly.
  • Select a structured mesh sports shoes to make it easy and your feet can breathe easy.
  • Store shoes in a dry place.

That’s some way overcome the stench of shoes and how to prevent it. Do not let us difficult to hang out and shunned by friends because of our shoe odor.