Effective Ways to Get Rid of Acne Naturally

Human skin is indeed a different kind. However, almost all certainly never face the problem on this one, namely acne. There are many causes of skin breakouts, among others are clogged pores, excess facial oil and dead skin cells. Hormones, diet and stress also causes the appearance of pimples on the face.

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Acne Naturally 1

Maybe you’ve tried many acne medications even went to a dermatologist for Acne cure stubborn, but there are not many changes may even be no signs of problem skin breakouts you that will be gone. Rather than confused, try how to remove acne naturally:

1. Don’t touch your face

The thing that sounds easy but very difficult to do is don’t touch your face, especially your pimples. Don’t scratch or accidentally take your pimples by hand.

Most people can’t wait to get rid of their pimples so they often hold pimples. By doing this, the pimples will become more severe inflamed and potentially cause more black acne scars.

A hand full of bacteria can distribute bacteria to Acne so it will be more red and irritated. So stop touches your face with dirty hands.

2. Do not wash your Face too oftenPerhaps with facial breakouts or have excess oil, you often feels that your face is dirty and need to be washed. Wash your face twice a day enough at the time of morning and afternoon, showering more than that can potentially make thy face irritation and produce more oil that can grow pimples.

3. Clean your face

Wash your face using lukewarm water, and then use your hands with a gentle twist. Avoid scrubs because it can make acne prone skin more sensitive because of scrub grains. Dry it using a clean towel by gently patting it.

Tip: use the SOAP wash the face with a pH equal to or resembling the skin of mu, which is about pH 5. Why? It supports the growth of good bacteria in the skin that are necessary for healthy skin.

The pH is too low (acidic) or too high pH (alkaline) can make the skin so that the shock can make the skin sensitive and irritation, as well as potentially fosters more acne.

4. Apple vinegar as a Toner

Toner can help you to restore back to normal pH or pH 5. Use Apple vinegar or commonly referred to with apple cider vinegar while morning and evening after washing your face. Apply toner apple vinegar with cotton in the face gently.

Apple vinegar contains potassium, magnesium, acetic acid and enzymes that can kill bad bacteria that are nested in the face. Because one of the factors of the growth is the gross face full of germs, then Apple vinegar can be a toner to remove acne.

5. Eat healthy foods

Everyone needs to eat healthy foods, whether or not acne-prone skin. For who have acne problems, perhaps you should evaluate your bread. Does your food contain a lot of fat, sugar or both? Fat and sugar is the biggest enemy of skin breakouts.

Milk or products made from milk such as butter or cheese can also be one of the causes of the emergence of acne.

Eat enough fruit and vegetable to balance your food. Choose foods with vitamin and nutrients like omega 3 and vitamin C to get rid of acne or prevent acne come again.

Use aloe Vera or aloe Vera instead of your moisturizer. Aloe Vera is believed to eliminate pimples or acne scars. Aloe Vera is also effective to soothe irritation because of the cold that can be felt when applied to the skin.

Aloe Vera moisturizer is the right choice for you who don’t want to use products containing chemicals.

6. Wash the bed linens Pillow

How often do you wash your pillow sheets? Pillow sheets should be washed at least once a week, because pillows are objects that will often come into contact with facial skin.

If a dirty pillow full of bacteria and germs, all of that will stick in your face so that makes you the more breakouts. Wash your bed linens pillows so that you can prevent acne by sleeping in a clean pillow.

Acne cure and it’s hard to be eliminated, you need is time and patience. No matter which will make acne disappear only with overnight. Follow the above to help you eliminate acne safely and naturally.