Easy Ways and Steps to Use a Bluetooth Headset on a Smartphone

Do you have a hobby of listening to music via mobile-mu? Music is indeed the most suitable friends our daily activities or just so busy while being runaway. Well, of course it feels incomplete when listening to music while activity without using a headset.

Bluetooth Headset

Along with the development of technology, there are now many types of Bluetooth headsets that can be used wirelessly. This will certainly make it easier for you to move, because you don’t have to worry about the problem of a tangled or broken headset cable. The range of connectivity is no doubt, because a Bluetooth headset can be connected to a gadget as far as 10 meters.

This time we will share ways and easy steps using a Bluetooth headset in Smartphone. How to use a Bluetooth headset to listen to music quite easy, just follow the following steps:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth Headset

Before you start using your Bluetooth headset on the Smartphone, the earliest step you should do is turn on the wireless earphones yours. You can activate it by pressing the “On” or “Power”. If there is a LED light flashing on the headset, it means the headset is active.

2. Set the Bluetooth Headset in Pairing Mode

To activate pairing mode on a Bluetooth headset, press the “On” or “Power” button for a few seconds until the headset LED lights blinking blue. In some types of Bluetooth headsets, usually the color that appears from the LED when the pairing mode is red or red-blue, depending on the brand of Bluetooth headset you use.

3. Activate Bluetooth on your Smartphone

After the pairing mode on a Bluetooth headset you have activated, it turned on the Bluetooth on a Smartphone of yours. You can enable it via the menu “Setting” in smart phones.

4. Scan for Bluetooth devices

The next step you can do after activating Bluetooth in Smartphone-mu is scanning your existing Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone around. It aims to detect Bluetooth headset has been activated and tying it with a Smartphone. This process usually takes several seconds only.

5. Connect the Headset to the Smartphone

After the Smartphone has detected the Bluetooth headset, immediately connect the two devices by clicking “Connect”. When asked about a PIN, fill it with 0000. Now, a Bluetooth headset is ready to be used to listen to music through your Smartphone.

Well, the trick is pretty easy isn’t it? If at a later time you want to use again the Bluetooth headset in the same Smartphone, you no longer need to follow the steps above. Just enable Bluetooth on headsets and in Smartphone, then these two devices will do the pairing mode automatically.