Easy Way to Move Applications to SD Card Without Root

The owners of Android phones with internal storage of 16 gigabytes (GB) or less than it would have been familiar with the notification “is running out of storage space”. As a result, many photos, video, or application that must be sacrificed to be removed but we still want to keep it.

Move Applications to the SD Card

This condition is indeed annoying. But this can be overcome. As long as your Android phone still provides external storage space, small internal memory can be expanded using microSD.

As the operating system frees enough users set up their own primary storage on mobile phones, Android provides an option to move applications to sd card. But to keep in mind is that not all applications can be moved to an external storage space because it can reduce the performance of the application.

As has been mentioned above, move applications to sd card can also be done without the need for root. The following ways and steps you should follow:

1. The first step you have to do to move apps to the microSD card is enter the menu Settings or the settings on the Smartphone.

2. Then scroll till you find the menu screen Apps. The name of the menu may be different on each mobile phone brands, but their function is the same.

3. After that, choose the Storage or Storage menu. In this menu, you can see how much storage space has been used. You can also freely choose your storage space preferences, either internal memory or external memory.

4. Select one of the applications that you want to move, and then when there is a choice of Change that lie directly under the type of information storage space, click the button to move the application to the external memory.

However, if you don’t see this button, it means that the application is not supported to be moved to the external memory. Usually this kind of application is the default application, which if moved can be annoying-course system

A pop-up screen will appear with the choice of storage space on your device, tap the screen on the SD Card and click move.

5. Wait a few moments and the mobile phone will automatically begin the process of moving data in the application. You only wait until it is finished until all applications have been successfully moved to the SD Card.

In this way you certainly can save on cell phone internal memory usage and speed up the performance of the Smartphone’s pet you.

How to move the Data to SD Card

If you’ve moved the entire application to external storage but still lack space in internal memory, then you should try the following ways. Sometimes, involuntarily we store a lot of data such as photos, videos, music and other documents that are large and high resolution in the internal memory.

Of course the data can make the shortness of the internal storage space. As an application, this data can be transferred as well. The following the steps:

1. Move the Data via the Menu Settings

Like the previous step when moving an application, you must first enter the menu Settings or settings, and click on Storage or storage menu and find the button “Data Transfer to SD Card”.

However, if you do not find this key, it means you have to move all the data manually using either the default File Manager application that is on the phone or using a laptop. Data move more are advised to use a laptop because it is simpler and can move a lot of data in just one click.

2. Move the Data using a Laptop

This second way is quite easy. You simply connect the phone to a laptop using a data cable, then enter the Explorer menu on the laptop. Here, you will see two types of storage space, internal and external memory into two separate spaces.

After that, select all the documents that you want to move, and then drag or click, hold, and drag all the files and remove the cursor in the folder that you want in the SD card. But remember, don’t move the Android system files because it will interfere with the performance of your phone.

That’s the easy way to move applications to SD card. Now you never have to worry again lack of storage space on your Smartphone. Good luck!