Don’t be Tempted by investments that Fortunately Big in no time

Most communities are still afraid to invest in investment instruments are stocks, mutual funds, gold, forex and more. Whereas, such investment is an investment that is safe. No wonder the public is becoming easy target investment fraud.

Investment fraud

Investment is indeed so the most endeared by the community, not to mention there are plenty of people who offer investment yield big results in a short time. How can I avoid investments that fortunately big in a short time aka investment fraud? Any investment that is already guaranteed by the Government and could be done by the community?

Investments with high yield investment fraud or indeed still be warm discussions for some communities. Investment fraud can be found not only in rural areas but also in urban areas.

With the lack of interest in reading societies, investment scams are familiar found in some countries in the world. Low interest read community, creating business investment scams are increasingly easy to come in and urge people in the countryside and in urban areas who want great benefits.

Not only promises greater gains, but these gains may be directly enjoyed by investors from investment fraud in a short period of time, such as 1 month or 2 months.

The modeĀ is you have to invite your friends to invest, so that your investment results will be even greater. You don’t need to think of where the profits from investment scams, you need to know is when you invite your friends to invest, the more you will profit.

When you have a lot of friends to invest, it’s time for the perpetrator of this fraud investment go leaving you without eliminating the trace. Then, you surprised when you accidentally read news about investment fraud, it turns out that the company that You include to invest is an investment firm scams.

Then, how can I identify if the company offering investments is the investment firm scams or not? Here’s how to avoid investment scams:

1. Search for information about The investment company

When you are offered investment by a company, it’s good if you are looking for information regarding most of the company. Now is the time of the technology that is easily accessible from anywhere and does not hinder you to search for information.

What you should notice is the permission of its investments. The company could have had a business license, but not as the Investment Agency online as well as offline. Do not believe in the notary deed or TAX ID only.

2. Check the Symbol of the Financial Services Authority

This is a step that you must pay attention to and certainly easy to do. Next you look for whether the company has the symbol of the Financial Services Authority or not. If the company already has the symbol of the Financial Services Authority, it’s a good idea to check with the Financial Services Authority. Now, the Financial Services Authority has applications that can be accessed on Android.

You can download and install this application, because all information related to investment fraud is available. With the announcement, it should be a socialization to the community.

3. Big profits in a short time = Impossible

If you are offered an investment with benefits that far outweigh any investment in a short time, then you need to suspect him. If the amount of benefits offered on top of the interest rate of the credit that is 2 percent, then you ought to be suspect him.

Logically, if you are going to invest, where You will put the funds that will be invested can profit up to 20% in a short time? Moreover, if the scam investment company offers up to 100 percent interest. If it is indeed that much, fortunately for what invites people to invest, why not investing for yourself only.

Well, now you already know that investment scams that offer high profits in a short time. Even better, if you want to invest, you can find a wide range of investment instruments such as below:

1. Gold

This gold can be one alternative investment is very popular for its mother-housewife. Why? Because gold investment is relatively safe and the benefits of investing in gold is indeed seductive. In addition, gold is easy to thawed, so if you invest in gold, you can withdraw through pawn shops or stores of gold. Gold could also keep the money we invested from the risk of inflation.

As we know, too, the price of gold is actually likely to be stable or even rising. Gold also did not easy to broken and easy also for keeps. Thus, gold is indeed still be a favoriteĀ for the mothers of households to invest.

2. Mutual funds

What is a mutual fund? For those of you who don’t know yet what it’s mutual funds, mutual funds is a container that will be filled by capital from investors who will then be managed by the investment manager to be invested into some investment portfolios.

This mutual fund investment is great for beginner investors who don’t have the time to learn more about the investment. You simply submit Your investment capital to the investment manager which will then be managed by the investment manager.

Easy again, this mutual fund investments can be started from a very small nominal. Mutual funds also emphasized the concept of diversification of investment, where the investment portfolio performed will be assigned to several different instruments.

3. Stocks

If you have started literacy against investments, then you have already begun to turn with an investment stake. Stock investment gives the greatest advantage compared to other investment instruments. When you start stock investment, you have to know how with the analysis of any stock you want to buy. Because this stock did have a high level of risk, too.

Income from investment in shares is available from two sources, namely dividends and capital gains. In addition, when you start stock investment, you should also pay attention to the price of the shares you own.


1. Before you invest, make sure you are looking for valid information about the investment that you will make. So you benefit not from luck.

2. When you invest well, make sure you diversify the investment, don’t put all your money in one investment instrument.

After reading this article, we believe you have known that it is better to invest in gold, mutual funds and stocks than fraudulent investments. Share this information with your friends or relatives who do not know that it is better to invest in gold, mutual funds and shares than investment. May be useful!