Discover the Benefits of Dragon Fruit That Is Rich in Nutrients

If you are looking for fruit that tastes sweet, make full and not gain weight, then the Dragon fruit can be the right choice. Moreover, the benefits of Dragon fruit very much, including low in calories and contain a lot of fiber.

dragon fruit

Dragon fruit comes from Mexico and Central America. However, this time the fruit has been found in Asia, including Indonesia. His skin was pink and pretty thick. There are three types of Dragon fruit based on the color of the flesh, namely red, white, and yellow. Most types of the fruit’s flesh are white.

When opened, the texture of the flesh Dragon fruit resembling a kiwi fruit, with black spots that are the seeds. The flesh of the fruit and seeds can be consumed directly simultaneously. Dragon fruit flavor also clash between kiwi and pear.

In Dragon fruit weighing 100 grams contained about 1.1 grams of protein and 0.4 grams of fat. In 100 grams of the fruit also contains 14 grams of simple carbohydrates are composed of glucose and fructose. In 100 grams of this fruit also contained 3 grams of fiber if consumed on a regular basis can help work the digestive tract and prevent constipation.

Other nutrients namely vitamins C already meet the 34% of the daily requirement of iron, 10.6% of the daily requirement, thiamin 2.7% of the daily requirement, and riboflavin as much as 2.9% of the daily requirement.

The fruit contains antioxidants and can lower cholesterol and contains several types of antioxidants. It is important to add the benefits of Dragon fruit in the fight against free radicals, so as inhibit premature aging as well as preventing the occurrence of chronic diseases.

These antioxidant substances, among others, batalain or red pigments in fruits contain antioxidants, namely likopen is believed to be able to prevent prostate cancer. Flavonoids, namely the main antioxidant group which is improving the health of the brain. It also adds the benefits of Dragon fruit in lowering the risk of heart disease.

Dragon fruit contain essential fatty acids. The human body requires fatty acids, but can not be produced on its own. In addition to the essential fatty acids, fruits also contain oleic fatty acids. This type of fatty acids can lower bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels.

Given the countless benefits of Dragon fruit, it would be very nice if you can consume on a regular basis. You can eat directly or offer it along with another type of food to be delicious dishes.