Dinner Tips That Are Right for You Who Are Afraid Of Fat

During this dinner is considered a major cause of weight gain. Even many of us, particularly women who were undergoing diet program, avoiding and very anti with which his name is dinner. But in fact it is just a myth that developed in the community and has not been proven to be true.

Dinner Tips That Are Right for You Who Are Afraid Of Fat 1

In fact, three meals a day i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner are not to be missed and very instrumental in supporting the process of metabolism.

Skipping a meal schedule, including a dinner also will result in a disruption of metabolic processes. Instead of losing weight, metabolism which does not smoothly it will make you want to keep eating and weight loss you also will increase.

But of course you still have to control the schedule and the dinner menu, so that the food you consume doesn’t turn into flab. Tips for proper dinner you are afraid of fat are as follows:

1. Set the serving of a meal

One way for dinner doesn’t make you being fat is to set up a serving of food that you consume at dinner. You simply consume the food in small portions only, because basically our body doesn’t need too much energy intake during nighttime.

For example, you eat one plate during the day because it requires a lot of energy intake for activities, while at night, you only need to consume half or a quarter of the plate.

If packed in portion a lot at night, the food in the end will just accumulate in the body because you don’t do a lot of activity in burning calories and fat.

But if you are hesitant to consume rice at night, you can replace it with snacks such as wheat bread smeared with peanut butter, chocolate or your favorite fruits.

2. Select fibrous foods

In order to more quickly digested, choose foods that are rich in fiber. Foods that are high in fiber such as whole wheat, vegetables and fruits certainly will not turn into flab because very quickly and easily digested by the body.

Vegetable and fruit salad is the most appropriate choice of menus to be consumed at dinner. In addition to glut the belly and is rich in the nutrients needed by the body, vegetables and fruits are also guaranteed will not make you fat.

3. Avoid red meat

In order not to cause fat deposits, we recommend that you keep the red meat from dinner menu list you. Because red meat such as beef, goats and so on requires quite a long time to digest and has a very high fat content.

The meat that you eat is not yet digested at night; it will cause the undigested meat to turn into fat deposits when you sleep.

4. Forget fried foods

Cooked food by way of deep fried fat and calories doubled from food cooked with boiled or baked in a way. Instead of nourishing your body, fried foods will turn into a pile-pile of fat on the body that ultimately makes you weight goes up, especially if consumed at dinner.

In addition, fried foods are difficult to digest and make the digestive organs work harder. Therefore, you should increase the consumption of foods that are processed by boiling and steaming, especially at dinner.

5. Avoid food that is heated over and over

If you don’t want the dream to have a slim body shape becoming extinct, to avoid consuming any food that’s been repeatedly heated, especially for dinner. Nutrients contained in a food will be reduced and not even left out altogether if it is heated repeatedly.

So when you consume food that is not fresh and heated a few times, the food enters the stomach you can be likened to the “dregs” that his nutritional already wasted. In addition, these foods tend to contain high calories and fat.

6. Eat before 7

If fear of food that you consume will turn into flab, try to eat dinner early. The best time for dinner is before 7 p.m., so that the lag time between eating and sleeping for quite a while.

In doing so, the body you’ll have more time to process food to really Digest perfectly, thus preventing it from turning into fat deposits while sleeping.

7. Do not eat while watching

If you are used to eating while sitting in front of the television to watch your favorite movie, stop the habit from now on. This is because eating while doing exciting activities like watching television will make you “forget yourself” and eat too much in large quantities.

Do your best to eat at the dinner table, so you can better control the portions of food that goes into your mouth? By eating at the dinner table, of course you will also be able to better enjoy the food.