Differences in Foundation, BB Cream and CC Cream

In the world of beauty, everything depends on preference. The same applies to foundation, BB cream, and CC cream. There are still many third base makeup products that do not know the differences and benefits. To avoid bad makeup day later, here’s the difference between foundation, BB cream, and CC cream.

Differences in Foundation, BB Cream and CC Cream 1


Foundation is a base makeup type that has a color resembling skin. The foundation is often used to flatten facial color (reduce hyper pigmentation) and cover black spots. The highest coverage ability of the foundation compared to BB cream or CC cream because the pigment is denser. Foundation texture varies from matte, demy-matte, to dewy. The foundation comes in various forms, ranging from liquid foundation in bottles, to stick-shaped foundations.

Foundation is useful for those who want maximum coverage throughout the day. Many people are prejudiced that wearing a foundation will feel heavy and striking, but by knowing your skin type and applying it with the right tools, the foundation will look exactly like a more evenly genuine skin. The trick for making foundation is more comfortable to use is to base the primer, leveled the powder, then spray the spray settings.

Bb Cream

BB cream stands for beauty balm. Base makeup is popular in Korea this has more or less similar to the foundation, but not the same flexibility. BB cream has lower coverage abilities, but BB cream is easy to layer or stacked so that the more closed the black flecks.

BB cream is universal, so it could not be divided between which are suitable for specific skin type. Most are BB cream moisturizes, making it suitable for owners of dry skin or a combination.

For you whose skin is oily, does not need to be discouraged. BB cream will still look matte when leveled with a powder puff sow BB cream is often chosen by the wearer makeup young age which still do not want to try a foundation. Unfortunately, the choice of color for the BB cream is quite limited, i.e., mostly just for light skin only.

BB cream is useful for you who like to face looks clean and evenly without the impression of high-maintenance of the foundation. BB cream is also suitable for owners of sensitive skin.

CC Cream

CC cream stands for color-correcting. The CC has a creamy consistency is more dense than the BB cream, in fact they almost resemble foundation. However, when the foundation only gives coverage only, CC cream often already contain SPF or other protective gear. CC cream is very useful for leveling the skin color, but its use must be taken into account, because it is very easy to look too thick.

CC cream is very comfortable to wear. Their texture is smoother and lighter than BB cream, and is universal or suitable with all skin types. If you have problems severe hyper pigmentation, CC cream is the best choice for you.

That’s the difference between the foundation, BB cream, cream and CC. While the third product offers the benefits vary, the core of the product base makeup is to facial makeup base so to support other cosmetics such as blush and bronzer. So, before you buy the base makeup, be sure to read the label and make sure it matches the composition of the types to avoid.