Dental Cysts Causes and How to Treat It

Dental cysts occur when a fluid-filled pouch is formed around the teeth and mouth. Dental cyst disease is usually caused by an infection of dead tooth root.

Dental Cysts

Dental cysts are often not aware of its existence, and have known the dentist checks affected tooth infection or do x-rays on his jaw. Generally, dental cysts are formed when teeth undergo infection, although there are also some other conditions that cause the onset of dental cysts.

Dental cysts are generally formed at the tip of the tooth’s root, but can also arise in the gums around the top of the tooth. The main cause of the rise of dental cysts is mostly associated with infection of the teeth that do not get treatment, to rot and die or loss of function. Dental cysts rarely occur because of conditions relating to factors or genetic disease.

Although generally only one tooth cyst arising, but for people with specific conditions, there is a possibility of a dental cyst appears more than one. Dental cysts can also appear because of an abnormality of tooth growth; including teeth that grow with the wrong positions, for example, oblique or horizontal stripes, as well as the failed teeth grow and embedded in the gums.

Complaints from sufferers of dental cysts are pain in the teeth, the jaw weakness, as well as disorders of the teeth and mouth tissue function.

Dental cysts need to be distinguished by dental abscesses. Generally dental abscess is characterized by an infection that causes pus to form around the teeth and gums. Symptoms of dental abscess include acute pain, swelling of the gums, and sometimes difficulty in opening the mouth.

While in dental cysts are not always there is an infection. In addition, dental cysts can also grow slowly over months or even years without causing symptoms.

Dental cysts generally can be addressed with surgical mouth actions performed by a dentist or dental specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

The purpose of the appointment the dental cyst, among others, check out the tooth cyst in detail, and then handle and fix the chain is disrupted due to dental cysts, as well as prevent Cyst on the other teeth.

Even though it can be handled, but dental cysts should be prevented from the outset. Good dental cyst or abscess of the tooth can be prevented by maintaining the cleanliness of teeth and dental care. Including, diligently brushing your teeth with toothpaste twice a day, and use a dental floss at least once a day. It is also recommended to reduce the consumption of sugary foods and drinks that can damage teeth.

That is no less important, regularly visiting the dentist at least once, for the 6 months of oral health checked. Do not think lightly of oral health problems, so tooth cyst-like disorders can be prevented and treated as early as possible.