Cool Gaming Equipment Often Used By Youtube Gamers

Have you ever once in a while watch funny action gamers on YouTube? Curious how to make cool content as they are? Come find out what kind of gaming gear used YouTube gamers. Gear YouTube Gamers include:

Gaming Equipment

1. Audio recorders

YouTube famous gamers due to their witty comments while playing a game. Thus, an audio recorder is very important in the gaming channel. Rather than wearing the built-in microphone of the headset or the laptop that quality is less nice, better try to wear a special recording audio recorders, such as the brand commonly used Lavalier Microphone by means of pinned on the clothes as the host of the TV.

2. Gaming Headset

To get the maximum gaming experience, it’s certainly not complete without a headset. The headset helps you to hear every SFX immersively so that gaming is even more exciting. YouTube famous gamer PewDiePie really likes the green Razer Kraken headset and this headset often shows up on the videos.

3. In-game recording

YouTube ordinary gamers do in-game recording, where the screen was filled with interface game and in the corner there is a reaction to record their faces. Actually do not need a special camera to do this, simply open the application with Broadcaster Software. You can download the OBS for free here.

4. The Console Gaming

This one equipment also can’t miss. Gaming consoles ranging from Xbox One, PS4, to Nintendo Switch and game titles that are compatible with each platform vary. To present varied YouTube content, try browsing games from all platforms to attract more viewers. YouTube gamer Markiplier prefers to play on PC, while Jacksepticeye prefers Xbox and PS4. Then which is your favorite?

5. Gaming Keyboard

If you are playing fun, surely what you are looking for is the flexibility of control. Special gaming keyboards usually offer more keys, as well as an LED backlight for easy viewing of players. Surely it is no longer exciting if the boss battles, suddenly presses the keyboard key wrong? One of the favorite keyboards for gaming is the Logitech brand.

6. Virtual Reality Glasses

Roughly how it feels to live in the world of gaming? With Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR, have no need to suppose again. Explore the world by yourself in the game with a virtual reality tool to maximize the gaming experience. VR is often used YouTube PlayStation gamers to play game-themed horror, do you dare to try?

7. Gaming Chair

For the gaming experience more “steady” again, take advantage of gaming chairs. Gaming chair will give the sensation of shocks and vibrations in accordance with what is going on in the game, as well as audio surround sound effect. Gaming chair is guaranteed to linger at home will make you play the game for hours.

After reading the simple gaming equipment YouTuber above, it will certainly strengthen your intention to create your own gaming channel. In addition to the gaming equipment above, you also need a game voucher to be able to play the best online games. Well, don’t worry because various gaming equipment and game vouchers can now be purchased online.