Tips on Choosing the Best Android Smartphone for Gaming

The new era of technology increasingly makes ease in various sides, one of which is enjoying the game. To be able to play with the best image resolution and an exciting playing experience, gaming can now be easier in your grip through your smart phone. Unlike the old times are limited only to the gaming console or desktop computer.

Best Android Smartphone for Gaming

Play games on Smartphones are certainly could not just do. There are special specifications that must be met in order to play smoothly without reproach. What the hell is to note when choosing Android Smartphone for gaming?

There are some points that must be important elements or you look at when choosing the best Android Smartphone for gaming. Buy smart phones for gaming should not be carelessly certainly, because not all Smartphone can you use to play games. There are some special components that need to know when you choose a Smartphone gaming, check out more information here:

1. Processors

Actually the processor is part of the chipset. The more ‘brain’ or processor core and the higher the clock speed, then it will be able to provide faster performance to the device. At present, the number of cores that we usually encounter on today’s smart phones is octa core or eight cores. There are also ten core alias deca cores made by MediaTek. For clock speed, look for those in the 2.0 gigahertz (GHz) or more range.

In addition, the architecture and fabrication technology on the chipset also affect. If the processor architecture using ARM, try the series used is ARM Cortex A7X. When using Kryo, make sure it’s the Kryo 3XX series or the latest one. In addition, the most advanced and efficient chipset power at this time was based on the technology of manufacturing of 10 nanometers (nm). The smaller, then the more efficient power consumption and not quick heat.

2. Chipset

To be able to play smoothly on the Smartphone you needed the chipset or system on a strong mainstay chip anyway in order to play smoothly. The chipset is one of the important components that are responsible for the performance of smart phones. Without capable chipsets, play games on smart phones will feel heavy and less smooth.

Then, select the Smartphone with reliable chipset for gaming. One of the most known chipsets capable gaming on Smartphone’s is the product of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series 800 lines as well as Mediatek series Helio x. 845, Snapdragon is the Latest you can find on the Samsung Galaxy S9-S9 and Plus the global version.

3. Battery

Tips on choosing the next gaming Smartphone is to know the capacity of the battery. When you want to be as comfortable as possible without interference means you need a large battery capacity. Now many Smartphone with large battery capacity for reasons because various applications are very heavy and power consuming. So you don’t have to worry about choosing a gaming cell phone with an adequate battery capacity. Usually the battery size is calculated in millimeters hour (mAh).

4. Graphical Processing

That cannot be overlooked is the memory. Not just the internal memory, but also the capacity of external memory. Many good and quality games must have a large capacity, even some who spend storage capacity. For that, it will be more convenient if the gaming Smartphone that you choose has enough internal capacity and can be added through additional external memory.

5. Speaker

Another thing that should not be forgotten is the speaker. If you don’t like playing with earphones, then the speaker is one of the elements that you must make as a reference in choosing and buying a Smartphone for gaming. Select the device with the speaker pointing forward, so that it doesn’t hinder you while playing. Sound can play a very important role when you play the game intensely.

6. Screen Resolution

When playing, you want to see the most perfect and coolest images so you can play comfortably. You have to think about screen resolution. The greater the screen resolution, then it will certainly enjoy the sensation of playing games. Especially if the resolution can approach full high definition (Full HD) or 1080p, and 4K. However, playing games smoothly with high resolution screens requires tough cell phone specifications.

7. Refrigerant

The current cooling system device is not only used on computer or laptop gaming only. Cooling system even recently pinned a special gaming on Smartphone like Xiaomi Black Shark, Razer Phone, until Asus ROG Phone. This helps your phone to not overheat or experiencing heat quick when played.

8. Operating System

The operating system is very influential on the smooth performance of the device you are using. Currently, there are several versions of the operating system or those that use a custom user interface (UI) such as Xiaomi MIUI, providing special modes that you can use when playing games to be more smooth.

Keep in mind that there is no perfect Smartphone. But, consider the things that have been described above so that you can get a Smartphone gaming approaching perfect as you desire.