Chocolate Benefits for Health that You May Not Yet Know

Often we are not aware of a number of nutritious foods around us like a womb in chocolate. Chocolate is often identified as the food isn’t healthy, but chocolate contains a number of nutrients that are good for the human body.


Chocolate has a distinctive sweet taste, making it almost consumed and a favorite of everyone in the world. Most of the chocolate content consists of various types of substances such as the following:

  • 14% carbohydrate content
  • 9% protein (protein substances comprise, phenylalanine, the amino acid tryptophan and tyrosine)
  • 31% of fat
  • other substances, such as alkanoid (substances that cause bitter chocolate)

A number of the content of the substance in chocolate is so diverse it is what makes chocolate good for consumption and also provides benefits for health. Chocolate for health benefits one is because chocolate contains antioxidants called flavonoids.

Chocolate comes from cocoa plants, and cocoa is rich in flavanoloid. It sounds simple enough, but consuming some types of chocolate with flavonoid content, is thought to affect the health of the body’s systems, here are some of them:

1. Reduce the risk of heart attack

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine created a research. In the study, rewarding dark chocolate reduces risk of heart attack is almost about 50%, said Diane Becker, MPH, ScD.

This is related to the freezing of platelets in the blood to become slower with the consumption of chocolate than in those who did not. This is important because when platelets are having clots can form and block blood vessels in these clots can then cause a heart attack.

2. Increase Insulin production

Researchers in Italy recently, do research on 15 people to consume 3 ounces of dark chocolate or white chocolate in the same amount, which does not contain flavonoid phytochemicals for 15 days.

Then this study showed results, that insulin resistance (a risk factor for diabetes) significantly decreased for those who ate dark chocolate. So the benefits of chocolate can also increase insulin.

3. Influence of increased blood flow

Regarding the study above, it was also found that the results of systolic blood pressure (the first number in blood pressure readings), were measured daily and also lowered in the dark chocolate group. The content of these flavonoids acts as a natural antioxidant from chocolate.

4. Tackling Diarrhea

Most of us only know a number of plants that can help diarrhea treatment such as on the benefits of guava leaves. Whereas the cultural history of South America and Europe since the 16th century been used to doing the treatment of diarrhea with cocoa.

Later this was confirmed by studies of modern science. Scientists at children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute found that flavonoids in cocoa would conclude a protein which regulates fluid secretion in the small intestine and is useful to stop diarrhea.

5. Improve your Intelligence

Chocolate will not only help reduce the effects of stress on the environment, but also to increase brain power when really needed. This condition was discovered by researchers from the University of Nottingham, who found that drinking cocoa or chocolate rich in flavanols is useful in increasing blood flow to key parts of the brain for 2 to 3 hours. This can improve brain performance and alertness in the short term.

6. Lose weight

In contrast to the benefits of fruits that are indeed notable either to keep the weight of the body, consuming the chocolate into their own fears for people who are dieting.

The research conducted by the University of Copenhagen resulted in the discovery that dark chocolate gives a feeling of fullness like the benefits of guava and the benefits of apples, rather than white chocolate. This means that chocolate is quite useful to help you lose weight.

7. Good for chronic fatigue syndrome

In a study in the United Kingdom, about 1.5 ounces of 85% dark chocolate was given to a group of adults with chronic fatigue syndrome every day for eight weeks. In his study, which has been submitted for publication, the participants reported feeling not too tired after eating chocolate.

Strangely, there is no increase in body weight against a group of people, according to researcher Steve Atkin, PhD. Researchers believe that chocolate boosts the action of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, and help set the mood and sleep, but indeed still needs to be done further research to confirm the benefits of chocolate.

Apart from the 8 main benefits above, chocolate also affects other health in the human body, some of which are:

1. Prevent heart disease
2. Lower blood pressure
3. Lower Cholesterol
4. Anti depressant
5. Low fat content
6. Improve blood circulation
7. Avoid chronic fatigue
8. Inhibit aging
9. Improving the health of the eyes.
10. Reduce the risk of cancer.
11. Can smooth skin.
12. Help lower the body’s weight.
13. Very good for brain health
14. Anti Depression

The Impact of Consuming Chocolate Overload

Research on about women aged 48 and 83 years for 8 years, concludes that the consumption of chocolate too often result in impact is not good for the body. The research found about 19 to 30gr chocolate consumed per week can reduce heart failure.

But those who eat it almost every day, there is no significant benefit to the heart. Because it cannot be denied that chocolate is a high-fat food that affects body weight. Therefore, consume chocolate according to your needs and not excessive.