Chicken Pox Causes and Ways of Transmission to Others

Chicken pox is a disease caused by infection of the virus on the skin, leading to restitution on the entire body and face also. The disease chicken pox can be transmitted to people who have never had chickenpox or the chickenpox vaccine has not been receiving water.

Chicken Pox

Then the virus is actually what causes the disease chicken pox? Actually what kind of transmission process of the sufferer to sufferer? To find out more details, refer to the following details:

1. Transmission Through body fluids

One of the most frequent causes of smallpox occurs is when a person is exposed to body fluids from smallpox sufferers. Bodily fluid in question is the liquid that comes out of the human body when experiencing sneezing, coughing or otherwise.

Types of liquids of any kind are a sufferer of chicken pox has a high likelihood for infecting people who exist in the vicinity. For that, if there is a person suffering from smallpox, endeavored to cover the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.

2. The Virus Causes chicken pox

The cause of chickenpox or varicella simplex varicella zoster virus is named. Well, this virus can be transmitted very easily and quickly. The disease is spread in aerogen or through the air. A person can be exposed to chicken pox, if there are people around him who had chickenpox and inhale droplets containing the virus.

3. Touch the Goods held by the sufferer

If you touch an item such as a glass, plate, Smartphone, laptop or other things that had previously been touched by a sufferer, there is a great possibility you will be contracting chicken pox as well. This is because the virus found in the sufferer will stick to stuff that has it touches.

4. Contact with Sufferers

Accidental contact with a chickenpox patient is also one of the most common causes of chickenpox. This is because the lesions of the patient’s skin still have a high possibility to infect people around. Therefore, try not to get too close to people who are suffering from this disease.

That’s some causes chicken pox you should know and avoid. As has been discussed above, goods that have been touched by sufferers can still transmit it to others. Therefore, don’t forget to change the bed linens and pillows from sufferers when had healed so that the same thing does not happen again with other family members.