Characteristics of Breast Cancer You Need To Beware Of

Breast cancer has become one of the deadly killer diseases in the world, particularly for women. The growth of cancer cells that attack the breasts this woman can be detected early on to use the technology of mammography screening. However, not all hospitals have the cutting edge tech tools, especially in rural areas and small towns.

Breast Cancer

Not to worry, even without sophisticated tools, breast cancer can still be detected from the start by observing the gaffe on physical Anatomy of the breast and breast cancer symptoms in others. The following are characteristics of breast cancer need to look out for before breast cancer cells become malignant and belatedly overcome.

1. Pain in the Nipple

In addition to the bumps, pain in the nipple also became characteristic of the breasts at an early stage. Nipple feels pain with repetitive frequency. Immediately investigate if nipple pain failed to disappear.

2. The presence of a lump

Early symptoms of breast cancer are a lump in the chest near the breast. The lump does not feel pain and are not always visible. Lump will reigns when impending until after menstruation. If this is you, immediately felt the consultation to the doctor.

3. Skin discoloration

The color of the skin around the breast that looks flushed and skin thickening occurs tends to be interpreted as a form of irritation or allergy. Breast skin color changes are accompanied by changes in texture, curvy look, could indicate that breast cancer cells growing in the body.

4. Nipple retraction

After the pain of haunting, nipple retraction should be cautious as the characteristics of breast cancer. Nipple retraction is a condition in which the nipples appear to go in, not protruding outward as is the general condition.

Characteristics of breast cancer not only arose in the region of the chest only. The lump that suddenly appears at the bottom of the armpits is a sign that the cancer cells start to spread to the breast tissue that includes lymph nodes.

5. A rash on the Nipple Area

Just like the breast skin discoloration, the rash tends to be thought of as an allergy or an infection. Especially around the breast rash at the nipple may indicate inflammation of early stage breast cancer.

6. Coming out of the breast Fluid

When a woman already has a child or has just given birth, the breasts can secrete clear liquid, milk, yellowish, black, green, or blood. Be careful when the nipple is blood. The release of blood from the nipple is one of the symptoms of breast cancer.

Beware and know the characteristics of breast cancer. Invite colleagues, relatives, and family members to watch out for symptoms of breast cancer. You can also take advantage of portable breast cancer detection tools available in pharmacies or drug stores.