Causes of Swollen Gums and How to Overcome It

Swollen gums health disorders are very annoying because of the throbbing pain. Even his pain ever feels right up to the head. Because of those reasons people experiencing swollen gums are surely eager to resolve swollen gums quickly.

Swollen Gums

Fortunately, this time we will discuss about the causes of swollen gums and how to handle it so you can avoid or overcome swollen gums effectively and quickly.

Swollen gums have many causes one is malnutrition. A deficiency of vitamin B and C can cause swollen gums because they play a role in the maintenance and repair of the teeth and gums.

In addition, pregnancy can also be a cause of swollen gums. This is due to the rise in the body’s hormones during pregnancy can increase the blood flow in the gums. This can be the cause of your gums more easily irritated and then swollen.

Causes of swollen gums can also be due to infected or mushrooms or even fault the mounting accessories on the teeth, such as the Stirrup. However, severe cases because swollen gums are usually due to a disease called Gingivitis. Gingivitis is plaque in the gums which pile accumulates in large quantities and may cause inflammation.

Causes of swollen gums are cavities. Cavities contain germs can propagate up to the gums and cause swollen gums.

How to resolve swollen gums naturally can be done using the following natural ingredients:

1. Lemon

The acid contained in lemon serves to maintain a balanced pH level in the mouth. Lemons are also useful as an antibacterial that is useful for eradicating swollen gum-causing bacteria. Squeeze the lemon and mix with a glass of warm water then rinse with the mixture to deal with swollen gums.

2. Salt

Salt can be used as an effective swollen gum medication. High sodium content in salt can eradicate bacteria that cause plaque and tartar. Mix 2 tablespoons of salt into a piece of warm water, then use it to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth so that the bacteria are gone.

3. Guava Leaf

Guava leaves is useful to solve gums swollen because it contains antibacterial, bitter taste and a high of analgesic. You can chew the leaves of guava or boil the leaves of guava which is used as a liquid for gargling.

4. Lime

Lime also has the same benefits as lemon to deal with swollen gums. Squeeze the lime and mix it with a glass of warm water then use it for gargling.

5. Garlic

Similarly like shallots, garlic contains natural antiseptic useful for overcoming swollen gums. How, mashed garlic and salt and then paste it on the gums are swollen.

6. Red Onion

Red onions, which contain natural antiseptic, can be utilized to treat swollen gums. How by mashing the onion with salt and then paste it on the gums are swollen.

7. Coconut water

In addition to the refreshing taste of coconut water, it can be used as a natural remedy to treat swollen gums. Do this by gargling with coconut water after brushing your teeth.

That’s the cause of swollen gums and how to overcome it. Now you don’t need to fear anymore if exposed to swollen gums. But it’s good to start to prevent the occurrence of swollen gums from now on by cleaning your mouth nicely.