Causes of Kidney Failure and Symptoms to Look Out for

Kidney disease is one of a disease that can be fatal. One cause of this disease is apparently affected by the bacteria and viruses that come from the food we consume. It is also a dangerous disease is the result of the body’s nutritional deficiencies. In order not to be stricken with this disease, let you know more about the causes of kidney failure and the following symptoms:

Kidney Failure

1. Hypertension

High blood pressure is certainly not good for health because it can cause some illness in our bodies. Hypertension is also one of the causes of kidney failure. For that, as much as possible to avoid foods that cause high blood pressure, as well as sufficient rest and sleep every day.

2. Bacteria and viruses

Certainly the bacteria and viruses can carry various diseases and one of them also includes kidney failure. If there are any bacteria or viruses that attack the kidneys, it can become a serious threat to the health of you. To avoid this, strengthens the immune system is one of the solutions that you can do.

3. Cloudy urine

The first symptom of kidney failure is if your urine or urine has a cloudy color. In contrast to dehydration which makes urine yellow, if you have symptoms of kidney failure, then your urine looks no longer bright. If this happens, immediately check with your doctor to get a quick treatment.

4. Eating Patterns

Our daily food has an impact on the health of our body. Irregular eating patterns can also be the cause of kidney failure. If the food we consume contains nutrients and vitamins that are balanced, then the body will be healthy. Vice versa, if the food we consume contains no nutrients and vitamins that are balanced, then the body gets sick easily.

Well, now that we know some causes of kidney failure, it is time we discuss the symptoms of kidney failure that may be experienced by patients include:

5. Abdominal Discomfort

Symptoms of kidney failure are caused by accumulation of fluid in the stomach. This results in a bloated or uncomfortable stomach feeling. If this happens continuously, then you should not consider it trivial.

6. Sleeplessness or Insomnia

Difficulty sleeping can also be one of the symptoms of kidney failure. This happens due to other symptoms which makes–uncomfortable, so you can’t sleep soundly at night.

7. Swelling Of a Body Part

Swelling of the body part is also one of the symptoms of kidney failure that may be experienced. This is because the liquid rest of metabolism which can not be issued body accumulates and is concentrated in a few parts of the body. It is this fluid which causes a pile of swelling.

8. Hermaturia

The term is probably still in your ears. Hermaturia is a condition that causes blood in the urine. Symptoms of kidney failure are one of the final stages of the disruption of kidney function. If you’ve put it this way, it is likely that renal failure diseases you’ve been quite severe.

That’s some of the symptoms and causes of kidney failure who need you know. In order not to experience bad things, you have to prevent it by always maintaining health. Therefore, we must consume healthy foods nutritious vegetables, and don’t forget the sport.