Cancer: Understanding, Causes, Prevention, Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatment

Cancer is a disease that can attack all parts of the body. Your body regularly produces new cells for growth and to replace damaged or diseased. Normally, cells grow and develop in a way that remains. However, there is also uncontrolled growth which then looks into lumps called tumors.

brain cancer

Tumors consist of benign tumors and malignant tumors. Benign tumors arise when there is abnormal cell growth that does not cross the tissue boundary, grows slowly, knots, and webs wrap so that it is easy to operate and removed. While malignant tumors or cancer are the growth of abnormal cells that grow fast, do not have symptom, and growth infiltrate other parts through lymph vessels.

Cancer can be caused by DNA in cells that often turn out to be benign tumors, and some eventually become malignant tumor or cancer. It is this change which caused the very rapid cell growth and uncontrolled.

In General, some of the reasons of occurrence of this can be divided into two, namely because the gene mutation that has been there since birth derived from parent or due to impaired formation of genes and gene mutations before birth after birth are caused by smoking, radiation, viruses, chemical ingredient causes cancer, obesity, hormonal, resulting from inflammation in a prolonged period of time, etc.

Until now, the way the cancer prevention 100% really effective has not been found. Some of the ways that is estimated to be able to prevent cancer is to avoid trigger-trigger gene mutation, such as smoking, are too often affected by exposure to sunlight, certain viruses, one of which, namely the human papilloma virus is the virus causes cervical cancer, the cancer-causing chemical materials, obesity, etc.

In cancer patients, the complication that often arises is an infection in people with advanced stages of cancer. This infection occurs due to a lack of protein and other nutrients, as well as suppression of the immune system that often occurs after conventional treatment.

Cancer diagnosis will go through several stages. The doctor will perform a medical interview in detail, and then a thorough physical examination that is tailored to the type of cancer is suspected. In addition, patients will also undergo the examination of supporting such a laboratory, radiological (CT scan, bone scan, MRI, x-ray), and biopsy.

This type of inspection is done depends greatly upon the type of cancer. After the diagnosis, the doctor will be enforced determine the diagnosis, staging, and treatment of cancer.

The signs of cancer depend heavily on the organ which contracted. However, generally give a cancer symptoms include the following:

1. Weight loss quickly due to the lack of fat and protein.

2. There is bleeding or unusual discharge expenses such as nosebleeds, constant discharge of fluid nipple contained blood, bloody pit of copulation the fluids outside of the menstrual cycle as well as menopause, found blood in the stool When defecating in the water, the blood, urinary, to cough or vomit containing blood.

3. Changes in moles or skin that is striking.

4. A lump in the breast.

Specifically, based on the type of cancer has organs that attack. The symptoms that occur have the characteristic respectively, but did not close the possibility can also appear a combination of symptoms.

1. There are canker sores in the mouth, tongue and gums which failed to recover (oral cancer).

2. Headaches, the body feels weak, numb fingers on the arms and legs, change in memory, difficulty walking, abnormal changes in vision significantly, difficulty talking (brain cancer).

3. the most common Symptom of cervical cancer is abnormal bleeding from the vagina, or there is a yellowish flecks dilute followed with a fishy odor in the vagina. Abnormal bleeding is especially occur after sexual intercourse, but can also appear bleeding between menstrual cycles or after menopause. If the cancer has already spread to pelvis, then the back pain may occur followed by obstructions in the urinary and kidney enlargement (cervical cancer).

4. Nasal bleeding that is mild to severe, or obstruction in the nose, ear pain, ringing in the ears, discomfort, and eye complaints in the form of double vision, enlargement, or a lump in the neck (nasopharyngeal cancer)

5. The presence of a lump, thickening of the skin, breast shape changes, itching, redness, and pain that is not associated with menstruation or breast-feeding (breast cancer).

6. Generally not obtained early symptom on this cancer, supposing there are usually vague. The symptoms of which are pain in the pelvis, bloating, fatigue, weight loss, constipation, and irregular menstrual bleeding. On physical examination, if obtained by the presence of a mass or lump in the pelvis is a sign that it needs to be suspected (ovarian cancer).

7. The bleeding in menstruation periods, menstrual blood while spending that does not like usual and tremendous pain (cervical cancer).

8. The presence of blood in the dirt was marked with bright red or black color, bad taste persistent on the stomach, lump in the abdomen, pain after eating, weight loss (cancer of the digestive tract).

9. There is blood in the water urine, pain or burning upon urination, reasonable in frequency or difficulty urinating, pain in the bladder (bladder or kidney cancer).

10. Bleeding in the intestines, there is blood in the feces, a change in bowel or continuous diarrhea or hard bowel (colon cancer).

11. Pale, chronic fatigue, weight loss, often subject to infection, easily hurt, pain in bones and joints, and nosebleeds (blood cancer/leukemia)

12. Peeing is not smooth, constant pain at the back waist, upper thighs and penis (prostate cancer).

13. The emergence of bumps on the skin that resembles warts (hardens like a horn), infections which failed to recover, the spots change color and size, pain in certain areas, discoloration of the skin in the form of patches (skin cancer).

For patients with cancer, talking with family and friends can alleviate the perceived burden. So, please do not hesitate to shed the feeling to those that you love and trust.

Suffering from cancer is closely related to financial problems. This is very important to discuss with family and doctors, openly and honestly. Discuss this problem, no need to force it to bear it yourself.

Stay in a condition fit and active. Normal life as usual and always thinks positive. Try to get back on the original activity after chemotherapy, certainly after the talk with his superiors and the doctor.

Ultimately, chemotherapy is a joint effort. Family, relatives, co-workers and superiors, sorely need to support in the process. With the guided by a skilled doctor, usually the face of cancer patients, and master the subject as well as anti-cancer drugs side effects, patients have the opportunity to live longer. However, the success is actually the responsibility of all those who surround them, especially the family.

Any cancer treatment depends on the type or types of cancer suffered, where the origin of the cancer or the pattern of its spread. Age, general health condition of the patient, as well as the system of medicine also influenced the process of cancer treatment. Treatment is generally given via:

1. Chemotherapy with drugs.
2. Operation.
3. Hormonal therapy to increase the durability of the body.
4. Radiotherapy using beams of radiation.

In general, more than one type of treatment is usually used. For example surgery followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy, often times the treatment is used with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. After that, sometimes hormonal and biological therapy is given as needed.

The main goal of the operation was raised overall cancer, because cancer can only be cured if it has not spread to other places. While chemotherapy and radiation aimed at killing cancer cells or stop the growth of cancer cells that are still lags behind, or at least slow down the development of new cancer cells.

Thus, the cancer can be cured completely through treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. Or when the cancer is already in such information, at least the treatment can serve to reduce the symptoms.