Can Asbestosis Be Treated and What Are the Complications?

Asbestosis is one type of lung disease that can be experienced by a person when the scar tissue in the lungs is experiencing problems caused by asbestos fibers. Scar tissue is also referred to as scar where scar is becoming a hindrance to any oxygen breathing so ultimately could not smoothly get into the blood circulation. Pulmonary fibrosis is another term for the condition asbestosis.



In general, respiratory or lung diseases are often associated with pollution or allergens. For this asbestosis condition, exposure to dust with the content of asbestos fibers in the long run is the main cause. That is why asbestosis is a health condition that is more experienced by people who work in industry, especially in the 1970-1990s.

Dust containing asbestos fibers will be trapped in air pockets in the lungs or the alveoli so that any scar tissue formed and made rigid lungs. It is difficult to inflate and deflate like a lung, usually in the rigid conditions result in shortness of breath. If you have the habit of smoking, then the condition would become worse.

Progression of the disease asbestosis will be much faster if the sufferer is constantly smoking. In addition to dust with the asbestos fibers, there is also some risk factors that also need to we know together, i.e., among others:

1.People who are working as asbestos miners
2. People who are working as electrician
3. People who made their living as workers in charge of removing asbestos insulation on the steam pipe area in old buildings.
4. People who made their living as shipyard workers
5. People who made their living as a construction worker
6. People who made their living as a mechanical car and plane
7. People who made their living as workers on the train

Actually, in the vicinity of asbestos materials is not a problem but of course must be ensured first that asbestos fibers were not spread to the air so that it is not inhaled by the US.

Symptoms and Diagnosis Methods

Symptoms caused by exposure to asbestos fibers that are inhaled are not immediately experienced because the appearance of symptoms can be precisely years after long-term exposure to asbestos. Although symptoms can arise years later, we are still obliged to know and be aware of them. These symptoms include:

1. Weight decreases
2. Dry cough and persistent condition.
3. Shortness of breath or breath short-short.
4. Pain in the chest and shoulders.
5. The shape of the nail is not reasonable where it is usually referred to by the term nail deformities.
Fingertips seem bloated.
6. Wheezing
7. Decreased appetite or missing.
8. The body quickly tired and experiencing extreme fatigue.

Of course much respiratory condition characterized by shortness of breath so that at the beginning we will be difficult to know what the true cause; even the possibility of heart disease are also quite large. But after a few conditions such as breath grew short-short coupled with chest pain, quickly, check with your doctor and discuss whether or not there is also a possibility of the disease asbestosis.

When you’ve been to the doctor, then the doctor will normally advise you to follow a particular diagnosis or examination methods as needed. The following are the steps that may be required for diagnosis of patient symptoms of asbestosis sufferer:

1. Chest X-ray

In the case of asbestosis are still classified as light, then it would appear from an examination of the existence of excessive white color at the lung tissue. But when the network on both lungs are already affected, it looks it will be like a beehive and this is a sign of where the asbestosis was already at level seriously.

2. CT Scan

This is a series of X-ray examinations that are combined and taken from several angles that may be needed by the patient so that pieces of bone and soft tissue images in the body can be perfect to help doctors determine the diagnosis. CT scan is a way of checking that is able to detect asbestosis since the beginning so it is very helpful so that treatment is not too late.

3. Other inspection Tests Spiro meter is using the Spiro meter in which this test is necessary when the doctor advises or patients also want to know how good the condition of the lungs in order to see the maximum sturdiness of organ functions. With a Spiro meter, measurable air levels will hold the lungs and air flow that enters the lungs out. In this test as well, usually the patient is asked to blow as hard as possible into the Spiro meter.

Treatment and Prevention

Note that there is no way to treat asbestosis or restore so that the alveoli can return as the original condition. Although doctors provide the solution treatment, its main purpose is just to make the development of disease symptoms is slower or simply eliminate the symptoms.

However, in addition to handling to inhibit the development of disease symptoms, there are several advanced treatments tailored to the level of seriousness of the patient’s condition. The following is the likely treatment step can be obtained by patients with symptoms of asbestosis:

1. Therapy

Therapy needed by patients who are experiencing difficulty in breathing due to asbestosis was already at an advanced stage. In this therapy, the patient will usually be given extra oxygen by a doctor in which oxygen is delivered via a thin plastic pipe can enter into the nostrils of patients. But there is also a type of oxygen is provided through the mask, depending on the needs of sufferers.

Grant of oxygen therapy based more on the State of the patient who is indeed too low levels of oxygen in the blood. There are also other types of therapy such as pulmonary rehabilitation exercise, which will include a discussion up to the giving of medical advice to patients to be applied so that the perceived symptoms can be reduced.

2. Operation

Step operation can also be recommended by doctors, especially when a patient’s condition already belongs to badly enough. The operation in question here is a lung transplant operation. This operation is recommended by physicians usually when symptoms of asbestosis have been very severe and treatment by therapy is no longer reliable.

Aside from therapy and surgery, independent care can also be done at home, by changes in lifestyle and healthy, among others:

  • Quit the habit of smoking. One of the increases in the risk of lung cancer is a disease of asbestosis in the smoke, the more serious the risk of asbestosis lung cancer also grew. Then by quitting smoking, patients can avoid the dangers of smoking to health while also lowering the risk of cancer.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke. Not only was asked to stop smoking, it is important also for the sufferers of asbestosis to stay away from cigarette smoke. Being any passive smokers was able to give effect to the organs of the lungs and even enlarge the potential affected by emphysema.
  • Got vaccinations. Pneumonia and flu vaccines could be discussed first with the doctor because the vaccine was able to help lower the risk of lung infections. When there is the possibility of a severe respiratory infection, then this condition should be addressed first, with the help of a doctor.

After we see the various ways of addressing the symptoms of asbestosis, then we need also to know how to prevent the disease condition on this one. Of course the only way to prevent it is to reduce exposure to asbestos. This is true in the United States that industrial workers related to asbestos products, especially construction workers building, it is necessary to take special security measures for themselves. This is a form of protection and prevention of disease asbestosis in there.

When the new asbestos materials used, basically it is not injurious and dangerous for people who are in the vicinity. That is the moment threatening enough material with asbestos fibers that have been damaged so that asbestos fibers can be detached and scattered into the air about those around him.

What are the possible complications of asbestosis?

When symptoms do not immediately dealt with, then there is some risk of complications that attack patients, i.e., such as lung cancer, or Mesothelioma precisely (a form of lung cancer in a more severe level). Such complications can occur when the sufferer of the symptoms does not immediately stop his habit in the smoke.

In addition, pleural thickening also include high risk occurs as a complication of asbestosis. The pleura are the lining of the Lung in a wrapper which can thicken along the fluid around the lungs that continues to accumulate. If symptoms of the disease asbestosis has experienced, however there are no complications, then the sufferer still able to survive up to decades.

When you are living as a construction worker or any related or adjacent to asbestos materials and begin to experience symptoms not went sour as already mentioned, immediately go to the doctor. Asbestos hazards to human health are really serious, then prevent and avoid it is our duty.