Breastfeeding Mothers Food for Quality Breast Milk

You would already know that BREAST MILK quality has many great benefits for your baby. Therefore, you’ll want to give the best for the baby by way of keeping up the quality of breast milk. You do not need to be confused and worried because it improves the quality of BREAST MILK apparently is not a difficult matter.

Breastfeeding Mothers Food for Quality Breast Milk 1

There are various ways to improve the quality of BREAST MILK, such as with control diet with healthy and nutritious food, as well as maintaining the stability of the body. To improve the quality of BREAST MILK, there are a variety of healthy foods to improve the quality of breast milk.  Breastfeeding mothers food that can be consumed so that your baby can obtain quality BREAST MILK among others Katuk leaves,Brown rice,Salmon and others.

1. Katuk leaves

It’s been no secret if katuk leaves is one of the powerful breasts feeding food to improve breast milk. Katuk leaves even believed it could improve the production of BREAST MILK up to 50%. Katuk leaves can be cooked and eaten as a soup, clear with red rice that is also good for nursing mothers.

2. Brown rice

Brown rice contains a good galaktogogus to launch breast milk. Brown rice will also help the recovery process post-birth. In addition, brown rice also helps improve the appetite and keep sugar levels in the blood.

Brown Rice also contains many compounds that will improve the quality of breast milk. When your baby can already consume foods in addition to BREAST MILK, brown rice can also be a good companion to the ASI Food for babies.

3. Salmon

Foods to improve the quality of BREAST MILK to be had from fish, and to make BREAST MILK quality, types of fish is the best fish is salmon. Salmon contain omega 3-EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). Well, this is very nice for DHA neurodevelopment and increases the intelligence of the baby, while the EPA is good for the heart and the formation of blood cells.

4. Citrus and vegetables

Fruits are indeed rich in vitamins, especially citrus fruits. Oranges are rich in vitamin C which is very good for the supply of breast milk. In fact, vitamin C is more needed by you when breastfeeding than during pregnancy. Vegetables that can be used as healthy food for nursing mothers include spinach, corn, and potatoes.

You need not hesitate to eat healthy food for nursing mothers. However, make sure you cook the salmon until cooked to anticipate the presence of germs of disease in healthy foods.

5. Soy Milk

While soy milk types include low-fat and low-fat milk is indeed one of the healthy foods for nursing mothers. Soy milk is highly beneficial for health, especially to overcome the allergies in infants. In addition, soy milk contains lecithin, antioxidants, is flavones, saponins and also can prevent abnormal cell growth.

6. Beef with no Fat

For those of you who like to eat beef steak, these foods remain safe for consumption during the period of breastfeeding. However, it would be better if you consume non-fat beef because of beef the non fat contains a lot of iron. Iron is needed to supplement the energy drained post-birth and breastfeeding.

7. Wheat bread

Wheat is also a food for nursing mothers who are easy to find. Wheat contains folic acid which is very good for baby’s brain development. This makes it is the intake of folic acid is important for breast milk.

To get the content of folic acid, you could consume bread wheat to supply the need of folic acid in the body. Or, you can also make biscuits and cakes of wheat as a snack in the afternoon.

8. Egg

In fact, consuming eggs is also good for nursing mothers. This is due to the content of eggs that are rich in vitamin D. Vitamin D in food for nursing mother’s serves to maintain the mother’s bones and also the development of the baby’s bones during growth.

9. Nuts

Healthy snacks for during the period of breastfeeding, the mother can make the nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and green beans. Peanuts-peanuts contain much nutritious protein as one way to accelerate breast milk.

10. Oats

In addition to the good is consumed when breastfeeding, oatmeal is also good for consumption during pregnancy because it can prevent the onset of diabetes during pregnancy. Eating Oatmeal can also facilitate BREAST MILK during the period of breastfeeding and also provide enough calories for various activities during breastfeeding.

11. White water

When feeding periods, the frequency of the water coming out through the BREAST MILK of course become much higher. So that you do not lack a liquid that will finally make quality BREAST MILK decreases, then do not let your lack of eating white water. Make sure you are consuming water that is ripe and free from germs and bacteria.

It turns out that how to improve the quality of breast milk and facilitate breastfeeding is not difficult. In addition to healthy breastfeeding mothers food, make sure you also do exercise and also enough rest to facilitate breastfeeding. Stress can also affect the quality of your milk so it is highly recommended that you always relax and not over activate.