Breakfast Mistakes That Actually Makes the Body Fatter

As we know, breakfast is the most important meal time every day. But we tend to make breakfast mistakes which actually triggers the accumulation of fat and calories in the body. Breakfast mistakes binclude:

Breakfast Mistakes That Actually Makes the Body Fatter 1

1. Skipping breakfast

Probably many of you who think that reducing the schedule to eat like breakfast can make a slim body. But the fact is, skipping breakfast will trigger the onset of obesity, because you will tend to eat more during the day due to excessive hunger.

As a result, you’ll be eating more fat and calories, even the number of calories that enter the body you can achieve 100 calories more than the people who avidly breakfast. Therefore, do not forget to always have breakfast, especially for you who are undergoing weight loss program.

2. Wrong choosing food

Because breakfast is the most important meal time, so you can’t just choose a menu for breakfast. Don’t just be satisfied, but the most important thing is nutrition. In addition, you should avoid foods that are too heavy such as high carbohydrate foods, because in addition to triggering fat stacks, heavy foods also force digestion to work too hard.

Now therefore, please choose a breakfast menu that does not force the digestive organs to work too hard, because at night the organs of our body’s been working very hard for the detoxification process. Foods with complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal and whole wheat bread can be an alternative replacement for rice or wheat bread for breakfast.

3. Excessive Portion

Any breakfast menu as healthy for you, but if you take it in a serving of excessive, nonetheless will make the weight up. In addition to making fat, eating too much will make you too drowsy a day because of satiety. Now therefore, eat with a reasonable portion and to taste it, you don’t get too full.

4. Rush

Maybe you often rush at breakfast because of fear of late to the Office. But eating in a hurry can be fatal. In addition could make you choke, eat fast food is not chewed also makes perfectly, so will slow down the digestive process. In the end this sluggish digestion process will make the food that goes into the body you don’t turn into energy, but rather be a pile of fat.

5. Forgetting water

90% of our body consists of water, water is therefore very important to the health of our body. In addition to nourish, turns the water also can prevent obesity, because in addition to speeding up the process of metabolism, drinking plain water can also make you more quickly full. Therefore, do not forget to always drink water after eating.

6. Drinking juice

Drink a glass of juice in the morning is indeed healthy and could be of encouragement to start their day. But there is bad news for those of you who like to drink the juice at breakfast because it turns out that juices can be made fat.

This is because when the fruit is juiced, the left is simply the content of the water and the sugar high, especially for juice packaging. While vitamin and fiber is good for the body’s metabolic processes, will be reduced. Well, better than drinking the juice you fruit consumption directly. No doubt you will get the benefits of the fruit intact.

7. Drinking coffee

Coffee or tea is actually not a problem; the problem is when you add granulated sugar or creamer into it. As his successor, you can use low-calorie ingredients such as Palm sugar and honey to give a sweet taste in the coffee or tea that you make, but still don’t overdo.

Are you one of the people who often make breakfast mistakes? Now if you don’t want your body to go up, start to stop it.