Benefits of Yogurt for Health and Beauty and How to Make It

Yogurt is one of the products of processed milk is the most popular at the moment. We can find it in various supermarkets, places to drink coffee or tea, or dessert house available around us. In addition to the fresh and delicious, yogurt also have many benefits for health and beauty.


Benefits of Yogurt

In addition to delicious healthy drinks, taking this one is also good for the health of the body. The benefits of eating yogurt, among others:

1. Facilitate the digestive system work

Probiotics in yogurt are also useful for maintaining the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in the digestive system, so that the body can work optimally. Eating yogurt is good for tackling diarrhea, stomach cramps, as well as a wide array of complaints relating to the stomach and the stomach.

2. Strengthen bones

Yogurt is a drink that contains a lot of calcium and protein lactoferrin that could encourage the growth of the cells as well as prevent bone Strengthener osteoporosis.

3. Increase the body’s immune

Yogurt with probiotic content can increase the number of T lymphocytes, white blood cells that fight against the possibility of inflammation or infection in the body, so durability shall be so much better.

4. Replace the function of milk

If you are the person who is lactose intolerant, you can replace the milk with yogurt. In fact, the good bacteria that are present in yogurt can make you more resistant to lactose.

5. Improve the skin condition of the face

Try using yogurt as a face mask at least twice a week. The content of lactic acid, zinc, and vitamin B in yogurt can help exfoliate the skin, making it smooth and radiant. Yogurt can also help fight zits and eliminate scars. Mix with honey, olive oil or lemon to make the face mask more effective.

6. Make your hair grow fast and free of dandruff

The trick is to mix yogurt with olive oil. In one different small bowl, mix lemon juice and water, wash it as usual with shampoo, dry it, and then use a mixture of the two bowls. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse. If you do it regularly, your hair is guaranteed to be healthy, shiny, and free of dandruff.

Make your own yoghurt at home, truly, is not difficult. You just need to prepare ½ Cup seed bacteria lactobacillus bulgarius type (can be purchased at stores that sell chemicals) or plain yogurt (can be found in supermarkets-a large supermarket), 1 liter fresh milk without flavor, Pan, spoon, thermometer candy, mixer, and a clean cloth. Prepare also a container with lid and a refrigerator.

Are you interested in making your own yogurt at home? Come on do the following steps:

1. Put the milk into a pan and heat the stove while stirring slowly for 15 minutes. Keep the temperature of the burner in order to remain in the range of 70-80 degrees Celsius (up to milk froth), do not let boil. This step aims to change the milk proteins to become solid.

2. After that, refrigerate the milk. Remove the pan containing the milk and put into a bowl or container that has filled the air before. Stir slowly until the milk reaches a temperature of 30-43 degrees Celsius.

3. Pour the yogurt plain or seed bacteria into the pan of milk. Stir so that the milk and yogurt mixed overall.

4. Cover tightly with a cloth clean milk saucepan or cover pan, let stand for 7 hours (minimum) temperature 25-30 degrees centigrade. This process is the process of incubation the yogurt so that he can grow and develop.

5. Once incubated, yogurt will be more acid and texture will be more condensed. When the texture of yogurt custard similar already and it smells similar to the aroma of the cheese, it means that you have managed to make it.

6. Refrigerate yogurt that has been the setting for several hours before drinking to be more delicious and long lasting. Before it is consumed, you can add toppings or auxiliaries such as honey, cornflakes, chocolate, and others in accordance with your wishes.

That’s the simple way to make yogurt and various its uses for health and beauty. Are you getting attracted to try making your own yogurt at home? Don’t forget to share this article to your friends, so you guys can try to make it together.