Benefits of Soursop Leaves to Treat Various Diseases

Did you know that the soursop is one of those plants that come from South America, Central America, and the Caribbean? Soursop is famous for its fresh sour taste and the sweetness of its flesh is rich in fiber, so it’s good for the digestion. In addition fruit soursop also contains carbohydrates, vitamins C, B1, B2, and fructose.

Soursop Leaves

It turns out that in addition to the meat of the fruit is nutritious; leaves are also not less benefit. Soursop leaves have compounds that can treat cancer. Acetogenin in soursop leaves toxins in the body can kill by inhibiting transport of adenosine triphosphate. For more information, check out the various benefits of soursop leaves for health:

1. Treating Cholesterol

To have high cholesterol, you can try to address it with drinking the decoction of soursop leaves as well. How to cultivate soursop leaves to become cholesterol drug that is by setting up 10 sheets soursop leaf which is already a bit old, boiled with 150 ml of mineral water for 15 minutes. Soursop leaf decoction can this be taken as warm or cold, we recommend that you drink every morning so that its benefits can be quickly felt.

2. Treating cancer

Benefits of soursop leaves known as cancer drugs. It is even rumored that the soursop leaves even more effective and fast cure cancer compared with chemotherapy. This is due to the compounds contained in soursop leaves i.e. acetogenin is able to fight off cancer cells up to 10,000 more powerful than Adriamycin.

How to consume soursop leaves as remedy, namely by means of boiling 10 sheets soursop leaf with approximately 700ml of mineral water. Once boiled, wait until the water is not too hot. Then drink water boiled in a warm State. So that the benefits can be quickly felt, drink the decoction each morning.

3. Treat Gout

It turns out that in addition to treating cancer there are still other benefits of soursop leaves namely gout. The content of soursop leaves is able to do gout, namely acetogenin, gentis acid, caclourin, annocatalin, and linoleic. How to use soursop leaves to treat gout is boiled.

4. Treat Diabetes

Did you know that it turns out that soursop leaves have compounds that are proven to stabilize high blood sugar in the body to be normal? That means soursop leaves can be one of the medicines for diabetes.

The content of antioxidants in soursop leaves rich in compounds, saponins, polyphenols, and bioflavanoid in soursop leaves. These are useful for antioxidant protects you from the danger of free radicals that can stake out of our body.

5. Eliminate Ticks

Have you ever been a curse? This tiny creature used to perch on the hair to suck blood and the toxic content in its saliva makes our scalp itchy.

But don’t worry, because this soursop leaf can overcome your suffering. Soursop leaves do bring benefits to humans, but can be toxic to parasites or insects. Therefore soursop leaves can be used to overcome the problem of dandruff and curses. The method is simply by washing or soaking your hair with soursop leaves.

6. Treating ovarian cysts

Ovarian cyst is a benign tumor that appears in the ovaries, the disease course may be experienced by women. If not treated properly, this disease can develop into more severe that is cancer.

Therefore, you can prevent it by using soursop leaves as a therapy for ovarian cysts. How to use soursop leaves by boiling 10 soursop leaves with 3 glasses of mineral water. Don’t forget to drink it every morning.

7. Treat lung disease

If you have a lung disease still mild or heavy already, then this should be handled. The lung is an important organ in the human body, which functions as the respiratory system.

Therefore before getting worse, immediately treat by drinking soursop leaf decoction. Soursop leaves have anti-bacterial properties, making it suitable for use as a medicine for lung disease, both wet and dry.

Well, that’s some of the benefits of soursop leaves you need to know. In addition to the flesh that is nutritious, leaves are also not less useful. So, from now on don’t waste soursop leaves as you can still use it to cure various kinds of diseases.