Benefits of Lime for Health You May Not Know

Lime is a small-sized Orange; his skin is green and has a sour taste. Typically used to add limes a sour taste and fresh on the cuisine and food, but the lime turns out to have many benefits that are good for health. Benefits of lime to your welfare, among others:


1. Prevent Cancer

It turns out the lime juice is beneficial to prevent cancer because of the limes contain liminoid which acts as an antidote to the free radicals that can lower the risk of some types of cancer such as leukemia, cancer, and gastric cancer the intestine.

2. Increase the body’s Resistance

Lime has a lot of natural vitamin C content which is useful for increasing endurance. By eating lime regularly, your body will be difficult to attack.

3. Burn the fat

Lime contains citric acid (citric acid) which is an antioxidant. This citric acid can help increase fat metabolism and turn it into energy. In addition to citric acid, vitamin C contained in lime also helps burn fat. Eat lime and exercise regularly to get maximum results.

4. Balance the pH in the body

Lime also has the benefit of balancing the pH of the body. PH is a balance between acids and bases. pH is important as a determining factor whether you are healthy or sick. When the pH content is not balanced then you can fall ill. Lime which is acidic will balance the pH in your body.

5. Nourish and treat wounds on the skin

Who would have thought, it turns out that the skin affected by burns or insect bites can be treated with lime to reduce the swelling and pain from the wound. Lime is also beneficial for reducing pimples and blackheads so that your skin becomes fresher and healthier.

6. Launch the digestion

The nature of the acid in the lime juice beneficial helps break down food so that saliva food more easily digestible. The contents of flavanoid in lime juice can also stimulate the secretion of the digestive system and stimulates bowel activity so that digestion becomes more healthy and uneventful.

7. Optimize the performance of the brain

Lime has a high content of magnesium and potassium, so if you routinely consuming limes so can make the optimal brain performance. Limes can help prevent dehydration and lets you focus more because you have enough energy.

That’s some of the benefits of lime juice for health that you may not yet know about. Don’t forget to apply a pattern of healthy living with the fresh fruit and vegetable consumption and exercise regularly every day.