Benefits of Garlic for Health You Need to Know

During this time we know garlic only as a kitchen spice to make the dishes delicious. It turns out that besides being used as a kitchen spice, garlic has a lot of benefits for our body’s health and beauty. Want to know what are the benefits of garlic? Let’s see the following explanation:


1. Treat lung infection

Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties to fight germs, bacteria and microbes that cause lung infections. Be diligent in consuming 2 cloves of garlic every day.

2. Lower your high blood pressure

Garlic benefits first are to lower high blood pressure. Garlic contains allicin and also an antioxidant. Both of these compounds have the ability to lower high blood pressure by waging the circulatory system and also healthy arteries.

3. Prevent Cancer

The benefits of garlic next are as a deterrent to cancer. The sulfur compounds in garlic bioactive believed to have effects at each stage of the formation of cancer. These compounds can affect biological processes so that didn’t get cancer and not so formed.

It is also due to the womb PhIP, a form of heterosikli Amine (HCA) that can trigger breast cancer in women can be inhibited its development and transformed into a carcinogen a substance made by diallyl sulfide.

4. Eradicate the bad cholesterol

Consume garlic regularly proven can increase insulin production in the body and also can significantly slashed bad cholesterol or LDL by up to 15%. Not to worry, because the garlic does not affect the good cholesterol (HDL)

5. Treat acne

The next benefit of garlic is as a cure for acne. To treat acne with garlic, you can apply garlic directly to acne. Do it regularly for maximum results.

6. Nourish hair

The benefits of garlic also could as a nurse. Caring for hair with garlic can strengthen the hair root so to minimize the loss, treat dandruff, scalp and makes hair thicker.

7. Treat a Toothache

Toothache is caused by bacteria that attack and develop in the mouth. If you want to treat your toothache, you can use garlic. The anti-bacterial content of onions can eradicate the bacteria that cause toothache.

That’s the benefit of garlic that you may not yet know about. It turns out these little onions lots of benefits. Fortunately in addition to give a lot of benefits, garlic is also used as a tasty seasoning. Surely you guys ever cook with onions instead?